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Cabrini Esports

Posted on 3/14/2021 7:50:18 PM by Ryan Calderaro

Cabrini University now has an esports club! More exciting than just the club itself, we now have our very first competitive esports teams. At the moment, there are two games we have competitive teams for- Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League. (For those who don’t know, Rainbow Six is a tactical first-person shooter that pits two teams of 5 against each other, while Rocket League is a 3 on 3 game of soccer but with rocket-powered cars.) 

Now, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s first explain what esports is. Esports is essentially competitive multiplayer gaming. Therefore, college esports is competitive gaming at a college level. Esports are similar to regular sports in that there are generally teams who sign players to compete, and competitions are held where these teams compete. 

Our Rainbow Six Siege team competes in the East Conference of the Collegiate R6 league. Collegiate R6 hosts over 200 teams across the nation in its league, divided up into 3 conferences (East, Central, and West) which are further divided into 7 geographic divisions. 

Our Rocket League team competes in the Atlantic East Conference, just like most of our athletic teams do. This first year, there are currently four schools total in the AEC with competitive Rocket League teams: Cabrini, Neumann, Immaculata, and Marymount. I am actually a member of the team myself, and at the time of this writing, Cabrini holds a 1-1 record. At the end of the season, the teams will fight to become the Atlantic East Conference Rocket League champions. 

I am extremely proud to be a part of this club in its very first year and thrilled to represent Cabrini in competition against other universities. Our hope and expectation is that as time goes on, more competitive teams will be added, and more schools will join the various leagues. I want to thank Cabrini for supporting us because things will only get bigger from here. Esports is here to stay, and I am proud that my college is keeping up with the curve and allowing its students to don the cavalier name and fight for glory and honor wherever competition lies. ROLL CAVS!!!!

**If you’d like to watch our competitive teams duke it out in their matches against other schools, you can watch it live at twitch.tv/cabriniesports ! Rainbow Six matches are Fridays at 8:30pm, and Rocket League matches are Mondays at 8pm. You can also follow us on Instagram @cabriniesports and Twitter @CabriniEsports.**