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Why You Should Make a Vision Board

Posted on 2/7/2020 9:52:25 AM by Desiree Junfijiah

For reasons unknown the beginning of the new year prompts us to create resolutions, squash petty arguments, and try to implement a ‘new’ us. That’s personally why I love the new year, I feel like I can conquer anything. Earlier this month, my friends and I decided to create vision boards. Vision Boards help us concentrate on our goals and clarify what we really want. These boards don’t have to make sense to everyone because these boards are for you and you only.

Visualization Works!

  • Create a list of goals you want to achieve. Know what they are. This could be traveling, achieving good grades, getting more involved on campus, or simply just the practice of self-care.

 Collect some Magazines!

  • This is where the fun begins. Flip through the magazines you collected and find pictures that correlate to your list of goals that you’ve created. 
  • Alternative: If you don’t have access to magazines you can print pictures out instead!

-Nyomie Butler

Find pictures that represent your goals

  • Cut out words you can turn into phrases or match them to a picture
  • Affirmation words are whatever makes you feel empowered! (I.e. Strong, loved, healthy, energetic, free)

-Thail'ar Jackson

Place it somewhere that’s easy to refer to

  • My vision board is right by my bed. This means that every time I wake up, I wake up to my vision board
  • Your vision board needs to be somewhere you’ll see every day. Look at your vision board before you go to sleep, when you wake up, when you’re sad, or when you need to remember why you started whatever journey you are on.

-Aimya Thompson

Thoughts you could use to totally immerse yourself with your board

  •  Internalize the future you’ve created within the board
  • See yourself in the life you’ve created
  • Believe that it’s already yours
  • Acknowledge the journey you’ve been on that got you to where you are
  • Acknowledge the law of attraction

-Desiree Junfijiah