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What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Living in the Moment

Posted on 7/24/2020 11:54:09 PM by Ryan Calderaro

So the coronavirus is making this upcoming fall semester a little more... difficult. Fall sports have been postponed, on-campus activities will be limited, and classes are going to be a mix of online, hybrid, and in person. Honestly, back in March, most of us probably weren't expecting to be still dealing with this. But hey, here we are. 

I'm sure most people are disappointed that our fall 2020 semester is being chopped apart and diluted by COVID. This isn't exactly what most of us expected when thinking about our next year of college. This is the hand we've been dealt though. We've just got to play the cards in our hands.

The whole situation sucks, but there is something we can learn from this. This pandemic should be a huge reminder that when we go back to normal, we need to live in the moment and truly enjoy where we are. I hate that this situation cuts into our college years, but instead of complaining about it, we might as well learn from it. The "lemons into lemonade" saying, you know?

Next time you want to complain about having to go somewhere or do something, remember back to this period right now. Remember how we weren't able to go many places or do many things. Don't take for granted the times in the future when we will have the opportunity to do what we please. Let this situation we're in be a reminder to cherish the time we are given. Let this be a reminder to love every second that we are alive. 

I've been really reminding myself of this the past few days. I want nothing more than to get back on campus, participate in my golf season, see my friends, and go to Cabrini night at the Phillies. But hey, I get it. That's not exactly a possibility right now. But you better believe that once I am back on campus when things are normal, I'm going to try to live every second in the moment. I already knew that four years of college goes by quickly, but this is just some cold, hard proof of that. 

In a bad situation, let's look for the good. Let's look for what we can learn. Coronavirus happened. Simple as that. At least take some good out of it. Let's improve so that we can live our lives better when we are able to return to normal. Might as well gain something positive from this whole thing, right?