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Interviewing for an Internship? Here are Tips to Make Sure You're Ready!

Posted on 4/13/2018 4:17:35 PM by Keegan McKoskey

Whether this is your 10th or first interview, they never seem to get easier. The 10th interview can be as frustrating and nerve-wracking as the first interview. 

Here are some tips to possibly make the interview go smoother:

  • Practice and prepare for the interview
    • Know what questions they’re going to ask instead of going in blindfolded
    • Prepare to discuss your strengths and weaknesses 
    • It is worse when you say you do not have any weaknesses rather than being honest
  • Create a personal connection with the interviewer
    • Small talk is important! Get to know the interviewer.
    • Ask questions like why they enjoy their job or what they love most about the company?
  • Research the company and position
    • There’s nothing worse than being asked what you know about the company and not having a clue
    • Know what they do, their mission statement, who they are
  • Be on Time!
    • On time means a half hour early, not on the dot
    • Make sure to shut your phone off before entering an interview. Not silent, OFF!
  • Follow Up 
    • Make sure to send them an email thanking them for their time, it goes a long way!
    • Stay positive as the interview process takes time

The biggest thing to focus on is to sell yourself. That is basically what an interview is all about. The interviewer has no idea who you really are as a person so you need to explain to them just that and why you fit in that position. Another big thing to remember is to stay calm and confident. Interviews can be tough but when you remember to be calm, cool, and confident is when the interview goes great. 

 Interviews can be intimidating, remembering to stay calm is important!

Don’t be afraid to show off the work you’ve done if you have a portfolio. Be sure to include several copies of your résumé and all of the related work you have done. It could go a long way and impress the company that you took the time to individually make them a portfolio all about yourself. Interviews are not like a big exam, they are simply just meetings to discuss who you are as a person and why you would be a great fit for the job.