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12 Myths and Misconceptions of Cabrini

Posted on 12/1/2015 4:30:00 PM by Office of Admissions

12 Myths of Cbarini

Myth 1: Cabrini is an all-girls school.

Not sure if Cabrini is co-ed or all girls (Futurama Fry not sure meme)

Actually, Cabrini has been co-ed for 45 years and is about 40% male students.

Myth 2: You have to be Catholic, and you have to go to Mass.

What if I told you you didn't have to go to be Catholic? (Morpheus meme)

Cabrini is a Catholic college, but all are welcome.

The Class of 2019 came to Cabrini as 37% Catholic. Mass is not mandatory.

Three credits in religious studies are part of the curriculum, and students can explore Justice, Jesus, Judaism, Meaning, Morality, and more.

Myth 3: Cabrini is a suitcase school. Everybody goes home on the weekends.

Can't wait to move away for college; goes home every weekend (sheltered college student meme)

Cabrini plans lots of fun, free activities for weekends.

Students enjoy dances, trips, movie screenings, theater, and parties hosted by our Campus Activities and Programming Board and Center for Student Engagement and Leadership.

90% of first-year students live on campus.

Myth 4: Cabrini students are all wealthy.

I hate it when my wallet is full and it hurts to sit (first world problems meme)

98% of undergraduate students receive financial aid, and the average Cabrini award is $16,258.

Myth 5: Cabrini is not diverse.

Diversity! (Imagination Spongebob meme - Spongebob making a rainbow)

Cabrini students come from all cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities, with a 32.5% diversity rate.

Cabrini’s Office of Student Diversity Initiatives works with the Black Student Union, Gay/Straight Alliance, and other programs and events focusing in diversity in the community that foster a community of acceptance and tolerance.

Myth 6: Cabrini has nothing to do. Cabrini is boring.

Meanwhile, at Cabrini (tumbleweed in desert)

Cabrini students participate in more than 50 clubs and organizations, 18 Division III sports, community outreach, faith initiatives, internships, published research, recreation, and more.

Myth 7: Cabrini is in the middle of nowhere, and students are gated in.

Goes to college, doesn't move for 3 years (college freshman meme)

Cabrini is 10 minutes away from the town of Wayne and the King of Prussia Mall, and you can hop a train to downtown Philly and be home in time for dinner!

Students drive or take advantage of the free Cabrini shuttle.

Myth 8: Cabrini is a party school.

Yo dawg, I heard you like to party, so we're having a party before the party

Cabrini students have fun, but it’s not one big party here on campus.

Myth 9: Cabrini is a 2-year school.

y u no graduated yet (y u no meme)

Since its creation in 1957, Cabrini has always been a four-year institution, with full accreditation since the 1960s.

You’d have to load up on an unhealthy amount of credit hours to graduate in two years.

Myth 10: Cabrini classes are really easy.

Brace Yourself, Finals are coming. (Game of Thrones meme)

Cabrini’s quality of education and reputation of faculty was accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Students collaborate with faculty on research, and regularly present at conferences across the country. Many students even have their research published.

Myth 11: You can’t do Study Abroad.

You studied abroad? I dig that (Ryan Gosling)

Cabrini has its own study abroad office, offering opportunities for semester- or year-long programs across the world.

Want to study theatre in England, social work in Guatemala, or arts in Italy? 
We can make that happen!

Myth 12: Cabrini is “Too Small”

Your college has too many students for all the great opportunities, but that's none of my business (kermit sipping tea)

Transferring to Cabrini from a larger school, Emily Janis ’16 thinks that Cabrini is “just right.”

She says she’s had more opportunities at Cabrini because of its size.


Want to know what Cabrini is like? Tour campus. (Actual Advice Mallard meme)

To schedule a tour, visit cabrini.edu/tour.