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Cabrini offers programs leading to certification (according to Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements) in Pre-K–4 Education, Middle-Level (4–8) Education with Concentration in English/Reading and Language Arts, Secondary Education, and Pre-K–8 Special Education.

Contact Information

Thomas Conway, EdD
Chair, Teacher Education
Undergraduate Secondary Education Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Education
Founder's Hall, Room 321C

Pre-K-4 Education Certification

Learn to create an effective learning environment for children in grades preK–4.

Skills Learned

  • Make sound judgments concerning the needs, abilities, and behavior of young children
  • Plan curriculum, materials, and teaching strategies conducive to a preK–4 effective learning environment 

Total credits for major: 69

Middle-Level (4-8) Education Certification with Concentration in English/Reading and Language Arts

Acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes appropriate for teaching children math, science, social studies, and a concentration in English/reading and language in fourth through eighth grade.

Skills Learned

  • Understand human development and the teacher-student learning process
  • Utilize technology in the planning of effective instruction
  • Evaluate and prepare curriculum materials

Total credits for major: 101

Secondary Education Specialization

In cooperation with other academic departments, students can prepare to teach a content area on the secondary level (grades 7–12). Majors include Biology,* Chemistry,* English, Communication, Mathematics, and Social Studies (with a concentration in History). Students who major in Spanish may get K–12 certification in cooperation with Eastern University and must take three credits of linguistics in addition to the 39 credits listed here.

*These programs are not accepting incoming students as new majors.

Skills Learned

  • Observe, tutor, and teach in secondary school settings
  • Create, deliver, and analyze effective oral communication, including use of voice and communication design, for the purpose of informing in classroom-like settings
  • Develop and implement effective classroom language-use strategies and activities for improving content understanding and increasing higher-order thinking 

Total credits for major: 39

Pre-K-8 Special Education Specialization

Meeting the requirements for the Pennsylvania Department of Education Certificate, Teacher of the Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped, the Special Education Pre-K–8 curriculum prepares teachers to understand their professional roles, including the history and legal implications, and the nature of students with special needs.

Skills Learned

  • Create an educational environment where all students have equal opportunity to develop academically as well as socially
  • Consider affective needs
  • Implement behavior management principles
  • Manage the learning environment

Total credits for major: 83

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