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Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship at Cabrini establishes a permanent asset from which students will receive support into perpetuity. Scholarships can be endowed starting at $25,000.

These scholarships are awarded on a financial basis through our Financial Aid Department.

You can make a contribution to any of these existing funds. You can also establish your own scholarship fund to support students at Cabrini.

Scholarships by Category: 


Adult Learner Scholarship 
Established by Judith M. Bradley, former director of adult academic services, and Stephen M. Highsmith (’88), former Trustee, this scholarship assists matriculated students 25 years or older in completing a higher education degree. 

Alumni Association Scholarship 
The Alumni Association Scholarship, established by alumni and friends of Cabrini, was awarded for the first time in 2007. The annual scholarship is given to rising juniors who have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular activities or work experience. 

John J. Barclay Memorial Scholarship 
The untimely passing of John J. Barclay, vice president for finance and administration at Cabrini, prompted the Barclay family in 1997 to establish this scholarship, which helps further the education of deserving students. 

Cabrinian Educational Endowed Fund 
This scholarship was created in 1992, commemorating Cabrini’s 35th anniversary. The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus gifted Cabrini with funds to establish a scholarship assisting deserving students who would otherwise be unable to pursue higher education. 

Class of 1966 Scholarship 
In honor of their 50th reunion, the women of the Class of 1966 created a new scholarship to support today’s students while providing a connection to the early years of Cabrini. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students in good standing at the University and who exemplify the spirit of the woman in the class of 1966 who conducted themselves in the spirit of Mother Cabrini, leading by example in their philanthropy to Cabrini and its students. 

The Martha Dale Endowed Scholarship 
Alumni, faculty, friends, family and colleagues of Martha Dale, now deceased, established this scholarship in honor of her retirement as Director of Alumni Relations, a position she held for 26 years. This scholarship is awarded to full-time juniors or seniors who are in good academic standing. 

Denise Edwards Memorial Scholarship 
Established by George and Carol Anne Edwards, the parents of the late Denise Edwards (’92), and sustained by family, friends and classmates, this scholarship was named in memory of Denise and the spirit she exemplified. It is awarded to a deserving senior. 

The Michael & Jennifer Guzzardi Scholarship Fund 
Cabrini student Michael Guzzardi grew up in Philadelphia and has had a successful career in real estate. His father was a graduate of Cooper Union and, because he received an education subsidized by the generosity of others. Michael’s father instilled in Michael and his brothers the importance of generosity and compassion. With a strong interest in history, Michael, a man of active faith and an Associate of the Sisters of Mercy, enrolled at Cabrini as an adult student to further his study of the subject. It was his exposure to the mission of Cabrini and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart that led him to establish this scholarship in 2015. This scholarship will be awarded annually on the basis of financial need to an undergraduate student. Preference is given to students who graduate from Cardinal O’Hara, Merion Mercy Academy, St. Joseph’s Prep, or Waldron Mercy Academy. Preference is also given to a student who is a first-generation university student. 

The Marilyn Meola Mazzarulli Scholarship 
Marilyn Meola Mazzarulli (’59) established this scholarship in 1999. It was the first named scholarship funded by an alumna. 

Patience Cavanagh McFadden Memorial Scholarship 
Established by the Cavanagh family in memory of Patience Melville Cavanagh McFadden (’63), this scholarship is given to a student who shows sincere concern for the well-being of others and demonstrates academic excellence. 

Mother Cabrini League Scholarship 
Through the generosity of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this scholarship assists deserving students. 

The Agnes Bosco Orsatti Memorial Scholarship 
The late Arnold Orsatti, father of Cabrini alumna Agnes Orsatti Armao (’63), established this scholarship in 1998 in memory of his wife, Agnes. This scholarship is awarded to a full-time female student in good academic standing. 

Mark P. Picard Memorial Scholarship 
Established in memory of Mark P. Picard, late husband of Sara Picard (’98), who encouraged Sara to attain her degree and launch her own business as a healthcare insurance provider. This scholarship will be awarded annually on the basis of financial need to an undergraduate student in good standing, with a preference for a student who intends to or is majoring in business administration or accounting; or to a student from a single-parent household due to the death of a parent. 

Dr. Joseph Romano Endowed Scholarship 
This scholarship was established through the generosity of alumni, faculty, family and colleagues of Professor of Philosophy Joseph Romano, Ph.D., in celebration of his 50 years of service to the University. The objective of this scholarship is to recognize outstanding and dedicated students who are in need of additional financial aid to complete their Cabrini education. 

W. W. Smith Scholarship 
This scholarship is through the W. W Smith Foundation and varies year by year depending how much the foundation gives Cabrini. It is designated for students in the 5 counties around Philadelphia. 

The Waterloo Gardens Scholarship 
Zelinda LeBoutillier, former trustee of Cabrini and CEO of Waterloo Gardens, Inc. who died in 2011, created this scholarship for full-time students in good academic standing. 


Jane Schwartz Benjamin Memorial Scholarship 
Edwin R. Benjamin established this scholarship in 1972 to honor his wife, Dr. Jane Schwartz Benjamin. Dr. Benjamin, now deceased, provided leadership to maintain high academic standards as chair of Cabrini’s History Department. The scholarship is awarded to a full-time history and political science student. 

The Rebecca H. Bradbeer Social Work Scholarship 
Rebecca H. Bradbeer (’94), an alumna of Cabrini’s social work program, established this scholarship to recognize outstanding students preparing for careers in social work. 

Edith Robb Dixon Scholarship 
Cabrini University established this award in 1999 to honor Edith Robb Dixon (HON’80) upon her retirement from the University’s Board of Trustees. It is awarded to a junior or senior majoring in a sports or fitness-related field. 

The Barry D. and Rebecca E. Freedman Scholarship 
This scholarship recognizes Rebecca E. Freedman and her late husband, Barry D. Freedman, and their love for print, typography, and graphic and web design. It is awarded to a graphic design student demonstrating a strong interest in web design or print production, and involvement in design or arts-related extracurricular activities. Preference will be given to full-time juniors or seniors residing in Philadelphia. 

The Thelma Gardinier Arts Scholarship 
Thelma Gardinier, who was an avid fan of the arts, created this scholarship in 2000. Preference in awarding this scholarship is given to a junior or senior enrolled in the studio arts or graphic design program. 

Sister Regina Peterson Social Work Scholarship 
This fund is a result of the efforts of Cabrini’s Social Work Department to honor Sister Regina Peterson, MSC, who founded Cabrini’s social work program. The scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior student who is accepted into the social work program and is in good academic standing. 

John Remley Memorial Scholarship 
Associate Professor of Business Administration Ruby Remley created this scholarship in recognition of her late husband, John Remley. Its purpose is to provide assistance for full-time students, with special consideration to those majoring in business. 

Charles and Delphine Sbarboro Memorial Scholarship 
This scholarship was originally created in 1985 by Delphine Sbarboro to honor her husband, Charles. Delphine passed away in 1998 and her children, Delphine Sbarboro Pape (’61) and Charles Sbarboro, decided to endow the scholarship and rename it to honor both of their parents. The scholarship is awarded to business majors and education majors. 

Lawrence R. Sedler Memorial Scholarship 
Toni Linder established this scholarship in 1971 to honor her late husband, Lawrence Sedler, and his work as a philosophy professor at Cabrini. It is typically awarded to a student majoring in philosophy. 


Daniel J. and Mary D. Bergen Communication Scholarship 
This scholarship is awarded to passionate and dedicated communication majors who excel in their studies. Daniel and Mary Bergen founded the award in 1999 as a way to enhance the education of promising students in the field of communication. 

Comcast Communication Scholarship 
The Comcast Communications Scholarship was established by Comcast Cable and is awarded to a student who is majoring in communication. 

The Felicia Falcone Memorial Scholarship 
This scholarship remembers the late Felicia Falcone (’91). It was founded by her parents, Angie and Joe Falcone, and is sustained by family and friends. Felicia is remembered for her dedication to student government, campus ministry, Woodcrest (yearbook), The Loquitur (student newspaper) and WYBF (student radio station) and for the many hours she volunteered in the community. It is awarded to a junior or senior Communication major, who demonstrates Felicia’s same enthusiasm and commitment. 

The Michelle Perna (’75) English and Communication Scholarship 
Michelle Perna (’75) and her husband, Dr. James Devine, founded this scholarship in honor of: Michelle’s mother, Marie G. Perna; her mentor, Elizabeth Grimmie Wisniewski (’66); and Communication Department Chair Jerome Zurek, Ph.D. The scholarship is awarded to a female undergraduate majoring in English or Communication who exhibits academic excellence, with preference given to a student from New Jersey. 

Media Chapter of UNICO National Scholarship 
The Media Chapter of UNICO National is an organization that works to support individuals who share their philosophy of “Service Above Self.” This scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies this characteristic. 


Shirley A. Dixon and Dorthula A. Trent Endowed Scholarship 
Shirley Walker Dixon ('84, MEd'89) has served Cabrini over the course of four decades in a variety of capacities: as both an undergraduate and graduate student, as a member of the Board of Trustees (1991-1996) and (2015-present), as a member of the Faculty in the Dept. of Education and as a mentor, advisor and donor. This scholarship shall assist students of color enrolled at the University who have completed their first year of studies and preferably, are pursuing a degree in the field of Education. 

The William Randolph Hearst Scholarship 
This scholarship was established through a grant received in 2001 from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. The Foundation endowed this scholarship to broaden educational access for African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Native American students with the goal of increasing minority teachers nationwide. 

The William Kuhns Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
During his 36 year tenure at Cabrini, Professor Kuhns prepared numerous students to become great teachers. This scholarship will be awarded to full-time, undergraduate students majoring in education who are in good academic standing and have demonstrated financial need. 

Andrew C. and Margaret M. Litavec Memorial Scholarship 
Emeritus Cabrini faculty member Andrew J. Litavec and his wife, Patricia, created this scholarship to fulfill their long-held dream of honoring Andrew’s parents who instilled a desire for and a love of higher education among their children even though they (Andrew’s parents) never had that opportunity themselves. The scholarship will be awarded based on merit to an undergraduate junior or senior majoring in early education. 

The Andrew and Patricia Litavec Education Scholarship 
Upon Andrew’s retirement after 36 years of teaching at Cabrini, he and his wife, Patricia, created this scholarship for juniors or seniors in good academic standing who are enrolled in elementary education, early childhood education or special education programs. 

The Ruth Richardson Memorial Scholarship 
The Richardson family created this scholarship to honor Ruth Richardson (’86), a 31-year employee of Cabrini. It is awarded to students in good academic standing who are enrolled in elementary education, early childhood education, or special education programs. 

M. Antoinette Schiesler Memorial Scholarship 
Since 1996, this scholarship has memorialized former academic dean M. Antoinette Schiesler. Her husband, the Reverend Robert Schiesler, and the contributions of family and friends resulted in this lasting memory. The award is given to a female student of African-American or Hispanic descent. Preference is given to a junior or senior student majoring in education who demonstrates a proficiency in her studies, a determination to succeed, a maturing sense of self, and a well-rounded personality. 

Georgia M. Zeleznick (’71) Endowed Scholarship for Special Education 
This scholarship was established with a generous bequest from Georgia M. Zeleznick (’71), who taught special-needs students in grade schools and high schools, as well as future educators at the university level who were learning to teach special-needs students. It will be awarded to students majoring in special education at Cabrini and recommended by Cabrini education department faculty. 

STEM Majors 

Joanne and Thomas Balshi Scholarship 
This scholarship was created to provide annual awards to undergraduate students in the Cabrini University-Temple University Dental Program or similar Cabrini Dental Program. The awards will be given to students recommended by the Cabrini Biological Sciences Pre-Dentistry Concentration faculty. 

The Michael Beauchemin Scholarship for Mathematics Study 
This scholarship is awarded to the Robert McGee Scholar, a student who demonstrates academic excellence in mathematics. It was established by Dr. Katherine Domenick, mother of Michael P. Beauchemin (’03), and generous donors who contributed in honor of Robert McGee, a member of the mathematics faculty for 35 years. 

Dr. John E. DeTurck Scholarship 
Created by biology alumni in honor of Dr. John DeTurck’s 26-year career at Cabrini, this scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in the biological sciences. 

The Mrs. Anna C. Kruse Scholarship 
This annual scholarship honors professor Emerita Mrs. Anna C. Kruse, a mentor and beloved faculty member at Cabrini. It was established through the generosity of Mrs. Suzanne Horn Ganse (’71) and her husband, Gerald. It is their intention to recognize a rising senior who demonstrates academic excellence in the biological sciences. 

Mother Ursula Infante Scholarship 
Mother Ursula Infante’s 90th birthday, in 1987, marks the creation of this scholarship, which is awarded to students majoring in chemistry or an upper level science major. 

Schanz Family Academic Scholarship 
The Schanz Family Academic Scholarship was established in 2015 through the Boost11 Foundation by board member John Schanz and his wife Elizabeth Schanz and is awarded on the basis of financial need to undergraduate students in good academic standing with a preference for students who intend to or are majoring in STEM disciplines, students who self-identify to Cabrini as a student from a first generation household, or students who are graduates of a Cristo Rey High School. 

The Zazyczny Scholarship 
This scholarship was created because of the generosity of Joel Zazycyny (’89) and Kelly Ann Zazyczny. Joel is a 1989 graduate of Cabrini university and is a business leader, entrepreneur, innovator, scientist, patent holder and publish author. Kelly Ann is graduate of Villanova University and has excelled as a nurse management executive and as an adjunct professor. This scholarship will be awarded to junior or senior students majoring in English/Communication or STEM studies who have financial need and have shown demonstrated leadership on or off-campus. 


Buzzallino International Experience 
Through a generous gift by former trustee Joan M. Buzzallino (’66), this scholarship provides a global experience to a student who otherwise couldn’t afford it, with preference given to a minority student. The recipient of this award must plan to participate in any type of international experience for university credit, whether it is a semester, summer, or short-term experience. 

The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Endowed Scholarship 
This scholarship shall be to provide recognition and financial assistance to students enrolled at Cabrini University who participate in study abroad or other related University travel programs to Ireland. 

John and Linda Heiberger Study Abroad Award 
This award was made possible through a generous gift from John Heiberger, Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Business Department, to promote study abroad opportunities for Cabrini business majors. 

Pearse Construction Study Abroad Scholarship 
The Pearse Construction Study Abroad Scholarship was established by Pearse McAleese and Erin McLaughlin, Ph.D. Mr. McAleese, a native of County Antrim, Northern Ireland is the owner of Pearse Construction in West Chester, PA. He is married to Erin McLaughlin, Ph.D., business department chair at Cabrini University. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of financial need to an undergraduate business major in good standing. 


Balshi Book Award 
This award is specifically for purchasing textbooks. 

The M.L Corbin Sicoli, Ph.D. Book Scholarship 
This scholarship was established by faculty, alumni, friends and family to celebrate the retirement of Mary Lou (Candi) Sicoli, Ph.D., long-time Cabrini faculty, counselor and mentor. It is awarded to assist a student in purchasing textbooks. 


Catholic Philopatrian Scholarship 
The Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute founded this scholarship in the 1950s to promote a Catholic education. It is awarded to a student of Catholic faith who exemplifies commitment to academic success. 

Class of 1969 Scholarship 
Members of the Class of 1969 endowed this scholarship in honor of their 40th reunion. It is given to a student who demonstrates a dedication to being a positive agent of change at Cabrini and in the community. 

Beverly Mungo Koening Award 
This award is given to a graduating senior who is going on to law school. We still process the thank you letter portion of this but Darryl Mace submits the request to the business office and gives the student the check himself. 

Maguire Scholars Program 

The Maguire Scholars Program at Cabrini University provides an opportunity for students who are Maguire Scholars in high school to continue to receive support for the college education. Providing last dollar scholarship support, Maguire Scholars receive funding all four years provided they maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in service projects.

The Maguire Scholars Program supports and enriches the lives of tomorrow leaders by providing an opportunity for an excellent education. At Cabrini University, Maguire Scholars represent the very spirt of our institution: leaders who are constantly evolving on their journey to better themselves and better the world.

The Charles A. Mastronardi Service and Leadership Award 
Margaret Mastronardi (’61), Ruth Mastronardi Baldovin (’67) and funding from the Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation are responsible for creating this prestigious award, which is presented on Cabrini Day. The award aims to create new opportunities for students to acquire the intellectual skills to succeed in chosen professions, as well as the experience to learn the importance of caring for one another and promoting the common good. 

Peter S. and Catherine G. Mozino Scholarship 
This scholarship was endowed through the Peter S. and Catherine G. Mozino Foundation by Catherine G. Mozino. It is awarded to students of Italian heritage. 

The Nerney Family Leadership in Community Service Scholarship 
This scholarship was established by Thomas P. Nerney (’77) to promote an “Education of the Heart.” It recognizes a student who, by the end of his or her first year, has exhibited active and sustained leadership in service and outreach programs. The scholarship is sponsored by the Center for Service and Leadership at the Wolfington Center. 

The Margaret Logan Paris (’62) Scholarship Fund 
The late Margaret Logan Paris (’62) and her husband, John J. Paris, created this scholarship for full-time students, with special consideration to students who are practicing Roman Catholics. 

Renee Spellman Award 
In 2004 the Renee Spellman award was established to recognize a junior student of color for academic and leadership qualities. This award will be presented at Spring Convocation. It will be a grant in the amount of $500 that will be credited towards tuition in the student’s senior year. 

Greater Philadelphia UNICO Chapter Elena A. Santora Scholarship 
The Greater Philadelphia UNICO Chapter’s scholarship assists first-year or returning students, with preference given to students of Italian descent in good academic standing. 

UPS Scholarship through AICUP 
The UPS Foundation has provided scholarships to Pennsylvania’s independent colleges and universities through the Foundation for Independent Higher Education (FIHE) for more than 30 years. Cabrini University awards the UPS Scholarship to deserving students annually.

Updated February 2019 

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