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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to create an ImpactCabrini campaign?
Students, faculty, staff, and the Alumni Association Board can apply.

How do I apply?
Complete and submit the Crowdfunding Request (PDF)

What does the campaign have to benefit?
An ImpactCabrini campaign must directly benefit a Cabrini University program, academic or capital project, research, operations, or other initiative or cause.

It cannot be used to raise money for another charitable effort unassociated with the University.

It cannot be used for independent business initiatives by members of the University community, nor can it be used to raise money for a specific student.

How long will it be before I am told whether my campaign has been approved?
You will be informed within 30 days of the date of your application.

What if my campaign does not get approved?
If the Office of Institutional Advancement declines your request, you will be given an explanation.

You may re-apply with new information. In some cases, the denial will be for timing reasons and an effort will be made to accommodate your application at another time.

How much money should I realistically expect to raise?
Most projects will raise between $2,000 and $5,000.

Larger campaigns will require much more quiet phase work before launch and greater commitment from you and your project co-leaders.

What actually will appear on the ImpactCabrini site?
Your campaign platform, including the goals, images, and text that support your effort

Your campaign platform will be listed among the other ongoing campaigns.

Who will we be asking for money?
This is determined by the nature of the campaign and the potential donors suggested by the project/team leaders. Likely donors are those with an affinity for the group raising the money and the cause that group is promoting.

Because it is web-based, there can be appeal to a wider audience, but ImpactCabrini is a targeted effort.

It is important to remember that crowdfunding works best when the team members are actively reaching out to their own network to ask for support.

Can I send the requests for donations to anyone?
No. Each campaign works when audiences are targeted and do not overlap with other projects or platforms. The team members are supposed to contact only people they know are receptive to their interests.

Also, by taking part in impact.cabrini.edu, you agree that you or other members of your team are not going to directly ask for money from just anyone and everyone with a cabrini.edu email address without prior approval from the Office of Institutional Advancement. We don’t want to spam folks.

Can I give a donor a gift, such as t-shirt, a pen, etc.?
No. Crowdfunding is a straight donation.

Are the donations secure?
Yes, and the donor information is not shared with marketers.

What if my campaign is doing well and I want to raise even more funds?
In consultation with the Office of Institutional Advancement, adjustments can be made to goals in some cases.

Are funds returned to donors if the project does not meet its goal?
No, the funds raised will still go to that project.

If my campaign is not raising the money I hoped for, will the University make up the difference?
No. The University will not expand donor lists or make up the difference in an underperforming campaign.

How do I contribute to a campaign?
Go to ImpactCabrini, find the campaign platform (project or cause) you like, and click “Support This Project” or “Donate.” Then spread the word to your friends.

What type of payment do you accept?
Only online contributions made by credit card

We do not accept phone or mail contributions for impact.cabrini.edu crowdfunding campaigns.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, and you will receive a receipt stating so in the weeks that follow your donation.

Are people going to know that I contributed?
Not unless you tell them

ImpactCabrini does not scroll lists of donors.

Will my campaign platform be charged a transaction fee?

Will the donors get a receipt?
The Office of Institutional Advancement will send each donor a legally acceptable receipt recognizing the donor’s contribution amount and that it is charitable.

What percentage of the money raised will go the stated project or cause, the campaign platform?
100 percent.

When will my campaign platform or cause receive its funds?
Generally, funds will be delivered to the campaign platform’s account within 45 days after the end of the public phase of the campaign.

Funds will only be delivered to University accounts. Personal or third-party accounts cannot be used.

If the project or cause were to dissolve or in some other way not be able to use the funds, the money will be placed into a general University account.

What if I want to start my own crowdfunding campaign outside of ImpactCabrini?
If it involves any aspect of the University, this is not permitted.

It is Cabrini University policy, approved by the Board of Trustees, that all fundraising efforts involving the University and its constituent parts must be approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

If you crowdfund on another site, no University images or other intellectual property may be used and neither you nor the donors will have any tax or other protections afforded by Cabrini University.

Who is affected by the crowdfunding policies and procedures?
Anyone who raises or collects funds in University-related accounts or uses intellectual property or technology of the University.

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