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The ROAD TO 610


610 King of Prussia Road has been home to students for decades during your time at Cabrini. This is the place you walked threw on a daily basis, spent many hours in the classroom and built life-long friendships. You have the power to keep this tradition alive at Cabrini! 

The President and Board of Trustees of Cabrini University challenges all alumni & students from the classes of 2000-2019 to make a first-time meaningful gift to Cabrini this year. In doing so, your gift will be matched up to $50.00Want to make a gift of $5.00? Great! It will turn into $10...how about $25.00? Even better...it will turn into $50.00! 

You have the chance to pave the way for our students to access one of the most affordable educations in the nation. In doing so, you are continuing to build our programs and make Cabrini one of the best valued institutions. By driving our alumni participation rate, you are opening more doors for Cabrini University! You are the present and future of Cabrini. Take the journey today and be a part of history! All roads lead to greatness for our students! 

Go to: impact.cabrini.edu/road610

Text ROAD to 610.981.1248

ImpactCabrini: Cabrini's Crowdfunding

ImpactCabrini is Cabrini University’s crowdfunding platform. 

Crowdfunding allows you to support projects and causes that you care about. It’s a way of generating small contributions from a large audience.

Crowdfunding appeals to groups of like-minded students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends who are focused on a specific goal directly related to Cabrini. 

The project could be University-wide, such as the Cabrini (Annual) Fund appeal on Cabrini Day, or it could be very specific, such as funding for a service trip.

ImpactCabrini empowers people who love Cabrini to have a targeted impact on a specific cause, goal, project, or unique need. By bringing people together, we can turn small gifts into big change. 

To apply: Complete the ImpactCabrini Application

Find out more, visit our FAQs and Policies and Procedures pages.

To view the ImpactCabrini platform, visit Impact.Cabrini.edu 

Vision. Impact. Growth.

Discover Cabrini University's strategic plan for diversification, sustainable growth, and expanded outreach.