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Guidance for Specific Campus Scenarios


Cabrini is anticipating a fully in-person campus experience for spring 2022, which includes face-to-face meetings and a return to large gatherings and events. We believe a fully vaccinated campus community is essential to support a safe return to a more traditional in-person and on-campus Cabrini experience that our community has so strongly indicated it wants.

At any in-person meeting, all attendees should adhere to the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Everyone is required to continue to wear masks while indoors and among others. Maintain six feet of distance in order to protect themselves and others against the spread of COVID-19.

Meetings can and should be held virtually and/or have a virtual component if, and when, appropriate.

public transportation/shuttlePublic Transportation and Shuttle

As per the CDC guidance when using public transportation, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, should wear a mask while traveling, limit touching surfaces, and avoid touching your face. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol as soon as possible.

Masks are not required while outdoors. 

The Cabrini shuttle will run on a normal schedule.

All riders will be required to wear a mask that covers both the mouth and nose. Individuals without masks or with improperly worn masks will not be permitted to ride. A shield separating the passengers from the driver will be in place.

As per CDC guidelines, vehicles will be cleaned once at the beginning of the shift and once at the end of the shift. Cabrini will also conduct an additional mid-shift cleaning to ensure patron and driver safety.

work stationsWorking in Confined Spaces

In adherence with the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks or adhere to social distancing requirements on campus.

Always follow the Personal Safety Practices provided.

restroomsUsing Restrooms

As always, wash your hands thoroughly after using the restroom. 

Public restrooms (those in high-traffic areas) will be cleaned frequently.


Using Elevators

If you need to accommodate for social distancing on an elevator, limit elevator occupancy to two people at a time, positioned in opposite corners. Refrain from touching the buttons with exposed hands and fingers, if possible, and clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer as soon as possible after departing the elevator.

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