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Woodcrest's Writing Competition for Students

Posted on 9/12/2019 5:59:51 PM by Katie McCauley

Writing majors at Cabrini University have several unique privileges. Not only do we have some of the brightest minds on campus, but we also have fun and unique classes, such as British Literature or Holocaust Literature. However, one of the most interesting classes by far is Woodcrest, a class for Writing majors to have a chance to help construct Cabrini’s literary magazine. It is also an opportunity for all Cabrini University students, to contribute to the magazine.

Woodcrest LogoAlthough sparsely known about by Cabrini University students, Woodcrest Literary Magazine is an award-winning literary magazine produced, published, edited, and written by Cabrini University students. Woodcrest has won at least 6 Crown awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, all from literary (and visual art) works generated almost entirely by students. The work produced by our students is incredibly excellent, and along with our magazine’s dedication to working with students to improve their writing, the literary magazine is an incredible collection each and every year. Any and all students are able to submit to the magazine, just by emailing the submission to woodcrestproject@gmail.com.

This year, I decided to take the Woodcrest class and be an editor for the magazine. The class is an amazing collaborative process between peers (and our teacher, the head of our class and the glue keeping us all together) as we generate ideas for the magazine and the literary community necessary to run the magazine. In our second week of class, we came up with the idea to run a prompt contest, in which students can write pieces in response to the prompt in order to cash prizes. This is the first time that Woodcrest has done something like this, and it is open to all students. The following information is the prompt for the first contest:


Woodcrest Writing Contest


  • Select one of these opening phrases and write an original poem or short story.  

  • By Wednesday, September 18, submit your entry to woodcrestproject@gmail.com.

  • The winner will be announced the following week. It’s a $25 prize!

  • There will be a contest every two weeks.  To get contest details, follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts!


1. Hey!  Don’t do that! You’ll hurt yourself. 

2. I don’t know how it happened, but… 

3. It wasn’t always like this. 

4. Well, this is awkward.

5. She/he took a breath and with her/his shaking hand, signed her/his name to the list.

6. I leaned closer to the stranger and asked him to repeat what he said.

7. As soon as I arrived, I could sense that something was out of place 

8. I woke up hungover with a coconut in North Dakota.

9. I’m gonna call the cops.

10. My cover was blown. 

11. I swore I would stop doing this. 

12. I used to be afraid.

13. It wasn’t my turn to watch him

14. It’s only on fire a little bit.  You can still use it

15. Dear reader, I wish I could tell you that this ends well for you.


This contest is a great opportunity and incredibly unique to Cabrini. It’s great for a college student short on cash, or for a writer who wants to get their work out there! Be sure to take part and to participate in the literary magazine over the course of the school year!