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Winter Break Breakdown

Posted on 12/15/2016 6:53:19 PM by Sarah Davis

Winter Break—it’s what every student looks forward to through the long autumn months. In high school, of course it was exciting. College, though, brings that excitement to a whole new level. Even if you have to work or have to visit some challenging family members, there is NO homework. Teachers can’t pull the “since you will have time over break, I want you to start on reading/writing/researching…” spiel because the new semester hasn’t even started. All of a sudden there is time to do things you actually want to do. To optimize your four weeks off, regardless of what holidays you celebrate, understand how it breaks down so you can best prioritize.

Week One: Christmas Preparation and Finals Debrief

All the stress and pressures that forced you to the brink of sanity is over. Can you even remember the details of all those worries that were life just a few days ago? Don’t look back, just breathe and skip forward toward Christmas.

 Cat in Santa suit walks by Christmas tree

Week Two: Christmas and Post-Celebration

Christmas is not actually a one-day event. For starters, Christmas Eve is arguably as exciting, or more exciting, than the big day itself. The day after is filled with returning Grandma’s rumba sweater and starting on a 10-step food coma recovery program. But even for the rest of the week, most conversations revolve around the festivities that had taken place. Just as the Christmas charisma begins to wear off, cue New Year’s planning.

 The grinch asking, "Am I just eating because I'm bored?"

Week Three: A Brand New Year

Exactly one week after Christmas and suddenly it is a whole new year. Where to start … are you hitting the gym? Beginning that diet? Getting a haircut? Trying a new morning routine? The possibilities are endless, and the odds of the habit sticking after 21 days of practice dramatically increase. There is hope, my friend.

 Man eating desserts declares, "Diet starts now"

Week Four: Pre-Spring Semester Panic

“Where did the last three weeks go?” you may be wondering. Well, there is no time to waste wondering because the sad truth is that you only have one week left. Get in those last-minute visits with family and friends, those random midday naps, and all the snacks you can find. It’s also about time to order your textbooks, if you haven’t already done so. There is no need to rush to the end, but it is about time to prepare.

 Breathing exercise that helps calm a panic attack


So go ahead, enjoy every moment of break. Catch up on all those hours of missed sleep, but be sure to make the most of every waking moment in between. It’s amazing how recharged a person can feel after a few weeks of holiday fun.

A snowy night over a cabin house with blinking Christmas lights