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Why Your Major Should Be Your Passion

Posted on 2/9/2016 2:00:32 PM by Jill Nawoyski

If you choose a major you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m sure you’ve heard it hundreds of times, but it really is the truth.

I completely understand that some people go to college and major in programs that will make them the big bucks one day, but sometimes they forget that that might not make them as happy as they think.

If you have to drag yourself out of bed everyday to get to class because you hate what you’re studying, then that just might not be the major for you.

I’m a Digital Communications and Social Media major here at Cabrini, and let me tell you, it is the best decision that I have ever made. I go to class eager to learn and I truly consider myself blessed to love what I study. I get to spend a majority of my day writing, which is not for most people and I understand that… I could never spend my day doing math problems or studying cells in a lab, but that is the passion of some and that is truly amazing to think about. What I dislike is what gets someone out of bed in the morning. How cool is that?

So, how do you choose a major that you think you will like? Find what interests you. Do some research. If you have a passion, run with it.

My biggest advice? If you don’t know what to major in as a freshman, THAT IS OKAY! You can be undecided. That is totally acceptable! Do not rush. Don’t jump into something that you know you won’t like. Give yourself a chance to explore and take courses in different subject matters. Ask a professor for advice.

And what if you are currently in the incorrect major? Well, change is scary. I completely understand that, but having the courage to start over might just be the best decision that you ever make. When you’re out of college and you’re taking your morning commute to work with a smile on your face, you might just realize that you made the right choice.

So, go ahead. Find what excites your spirit. Experiment. Dream. Create.

But most importantly of all, if you do not like what you are doing, have the courage to start all over again. It might just change your life.