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Why I Love Cabrini's Open Houses

Posted on 11/7/2022 12:05:02 PM by Piper Byrne

Since the fall 2021 semester, I have been working in the Admissions office as a Student Ambassador. One of the best parts of the job is getting to work during Open House. Of course, I love spending the day with my friends, who are also Ambassadors, but it is so rewarding to meet prospective students and their families.

It sounds so cliché, but one of the most special things about Cabrini is the family atmosphere, and I love that at Open House, we get to show that off right away. All the Ambassadors line up at the entrance of Grace Hall or the Dixon Center to cheer and welcome families as they arrive.  I remember receiving the same welcome when I attended my Cabrini Open House.  I will say I felt a little bit embarrassed and awkward when it was happening, but looking back on it, I remember how special it made me feel. I didn’t get that feeling at any other school.  


Being someone who attended a tiny Catholic high school, I was very overwhelmed at the thought of attending college and getting mixed in with such a large group of people.  Even a small school like Cabrini felt big to me! But, as soon as I stepped foot on Cabrini’s campus at Open House, I knew that’s where I wanted to spend my next four years. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of belonging, and I’m so glad I now have the opportunity to help provide that feeling to prospective students and their families.

Cabrini Open House also allows for personal connections between current and prospective students. Some of the sessions are split up by major interest, which gives us current students the opportunity to meet and share our personal experiences with protective students looking to do what we do.  The sessions are always led by a faculty member who works in the corresponding department, but it’s nice to have students from the major there to answer questions from their perspective. Hearing about positive classroom experiences and other fun stories firsthand personalizes the day and puts a face to everything they hear about throughout the rest of the event. It also gives people a familiar face to look for the next time they are on campus.  


Something else I love about Open House is the way everyone is beaming with school pride. Cabrini is such a special place, and that is made evident through the hard work everyone puts into this event. I’m sure all the other Ambassadors would agree with me when I say that I am so happy to be a Cavalier!

You can be a part of our family too. Register here to attend our November 20 Open House or learn about other admissions events and campus tour opportunities. I hope to CU at Cabrini sometime soon! Don't hesitate to introduce yourself.