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Top 5 Places to Study on Cabrini's Campus

Posted on 7/25/2019 10:52:33 AM by Katie McCauley

Being new to college can be intimidating and, sometimes, even hard, especially because of the stark contrast between high school and collegiate academics. If you ignore your academic needs, you can end up in hot water, unprepared for finals and essays and whatever else you may encounter. However, with a little hard work, you can overcome any obstacles that come your way. If you study and prepare in advance, you have nothing to worry about. Luckily, Cabrini University is filled with amazing places to study, and I am more than willing to tell you about them.

  1. The Holy Spirit Library - Though it is a common hangout spot, the library is also one of the best places to study on campus. Filled with resources (whether in the form of books or desktop computers), the library is a great place to obtain any information you may need. It also has many empty rooms (the "fishbowl" and the FDR room are both excellent examples if you can snag them, and they can be great places for a small study group) and an entire top floor is dedicated to quietly studying. There are also classrooms throughout the library, also fitting for a study group if you can grab one in between classes!

  2. Founder's Hall Lobby - Though the Founder's Hall building is the central and, perhaps, most bustling place on campus, the lobby is actually a great place to study with friends! There are two small groups of chairs on either side of the lobby, and they even have desktops attached. The sun comes in through the big windows, and the building has central air and heating year-round. If you don’t mind the occasional noises of class letting out, grab a chair with your buds and settle down to study in Founders!

  3. The Mansion - The Cabrini Mansion is one of the nicest places to be on campus. Not only does it have beautiful architecture (with a scenic surrounding area to boot), but it’s often cool, quiet, and fairly unpopulated. It’s also the central location for some of the offices on campus, so not only does it give off great academic vibes, but it can also be a resource for teachers you may need help from. Overall, the mansion is a great place to grab some quiet downtime with your books and laptop for some simple and lowkey studying.

  4. Your Residence Hall Lounge - Believe it or not, the dorm lounges are often one of the best places to study. In my freshman year, our lounge was constantly filled with college students hunkering down to prepare for their finals or finish their essays before midnight. As long as there’s no game nights or anything going on, getting your friends together to study in the lounge area should be easy and fun!

  5. The Commons - Are you really going to pass up the opportunity to study outside if you can? Especially in the fall and spring, the Cabrini commons, located in the center of campus, are beautiful and can be a quiet and cool place to study. There are even lawn chairs for you to use. It’s pretty typical to see people studying outdoors, so why not do it on one of the nicest places on campus? As long as you stay away from the windy days, it’s a great place to layout your books and get to work!