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To Those Choosing The Right College

Posted on 3/22/2016 3:41:16 PM by Dan Luner

To Those Choosing The Right College,

Many of your friends have probably already decided where they are going to spend their next four years while you are possibly fretting the choice of where to put that enrollment deposit down.

It's okay to not know where you're going to college.

I repeat:

It's okay to not know where you're going to college.

Everybody that has been through college would likely agree that it was a pivotal part in their lives... so why rush the decision that comes in making a commitment?

While May 1st of each year serves as the general deadline to guarantee a spot in the incoming class, many students think things over long and hard and often will wait until that day to submit their deposit.

Picking a college or university that you'll spend your next four years at is probably one of the biggest decisions you've had to make so far... so don't treat it like you're deciding what you want for dinner!

When it comes to some tips on making the right decision, here's what I suggest:

1. Don't Go With Whoever Offers The Most Financial Aid

While it may seem enticing to have less to pay back, if it's not the right fit for you, why put all the money in? 'Cause I know for sure you will probably not get the return on investment you were looking for if this is your way of deciding

2. Don't Go With Whoever Has Your Major

If you know that you're going to become a teacher or accountant or are deadset on any other career: Please disregard this

Yea, I said it. While some might be set on becoming a teacher or an accountant, many students choose a college each year for a major that they ultimately end up switching after their first semester. So know that it is okay to come into college undecided, and looking back on things now... I actually encourage it! Especially if you're unsure of where you want to go in life. Spend the early time in your undergraduate career exploring majors, career paths, and options for your future. 

3. Don't Go Where Your Best Friend from High School Is Going

While at first this may seem enticing... don't fall into the temptation! College is all about meeting new people and finding lifelong friends, but know your friends from high school won't get erased just because you're not at the same school. I think that is one of the simple joys in life: the fact that you have friends from college as well as friends you can return to during breaks and holidays. The best friends in life are those that you can pick up with where you left off... so let your best friend from high school do their thing and meet another friend or friends like that at college.

So even though May 1st is quickly approaching, use these next few weeks to think long and hard over why you want to attend _________ college or university and what you will get out of your time there.

And when May 2nd comes and that deposit has been sent, pat yourself on the back... because ultimately you've made the choice to continue your pursuit of knowledge through higher education and that my friend, is a big choice in itself.


Dan (Who committed to Cabrini in November... BUT knew it was the place for him).