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Beachball and sunglasses outside the Cabrini mansion

10 Things To Do In Summer Before Classes Start

Posted on 6/21/2017 12:13:10 PM by Emily Rowan

1. It’s cliche, but travel! Even if you do not have the opportunity to go somewhere far, adventure to somewhere new near your hometown. Maybe you can try a nearby park for a picnic lunch with friends or a spot to watch the sunset.
Sunset at the park

2. Work and save some of your money. Sometimes you’re going to have those nights in college after a long day where you really just want to order Insomnia Cookies and watch a movie with your roommates, or you’re going to decide to spend your Saturday shopping at the King of Prussia mall. Make sure you have some cash on hand for those kinds of days and nights.

Emily and Sarah smiling and posing

3. Reach out to your future roommate. You might be nervous to move to campus and live with someone you don’t know, but chances are your roommate feels the same way.  Don’t hesitate to contact your roommate over the summer. You might find that you live relatively close to one another and can meet up in person before move-in day. 

4. Do something you’ve been putting off all school year because you were too busy to do it.  Whether you wanted to start doing yoga or reading a book someone recommended to you, this summer is your chance to make time for the things you’ve been wanting to accomplish.  

Hand turning a page of a book

 5. Write a letter to yourself. You probably have a lot going through your mind, with dreams and goals for your college years, plus things you want to leave in the past or change and memories that should never be forgotten. Write down everything that you’re feeling, seal it up in an envelope, put it away somewhere safe and open it when you graduate from college. This will give you the opportunity to see how much life has changed and how much you have grown.

Envelope with writing on it that reads "Open May 2021"

6. Take photos and print them too. Capture your summer memories and make sure you print your best photos to hang up in your dorm room. The walls are very white, so you will want to add to them! Tip: Shutterfly.com typically offers free prints when you order using their phone app! Just pay for the shipping. 

Dorm room with photos on the wall

7. Check out the Cabrini bookstore online and maybe buy a T-shirt or baseball cap. Sport your University gear all summer long and then bring it with you to campus; everyone will be wearing Cabrini University merchandise.  

Cabrini campus store merchandise

 8. Spend time with family. Right now you might be looking forward to moving out, but there will be days when you miss your family. Take time this summer to really spend quality time with your siblings and/or parents. Have a family game night or go out for ice cream on a hot summer night. Those are the times you will think back to and smile when you’re feeling a little homesick. 

9. Try something new. College is all about new experiences and stepping outside of your comfort zone, but you don’t need to wait for the semester to start to try something new. Maybe start a blog or play a sport just for fun, which you might be able to continue once you get to Cabrini. Check out http://www.cabrinirec.com to see which intramural and club sports Cabrini offers. 

Laptop, mug of coffee, notebook, pens

10. Make the most of it and enjoy every moment. This summer will probably feel like it went by faster than most. Your first day of class, August 28, will be here before you know it. Don’t always sit in your room watching Netflix—you will have time for that once college comes. Spend your free time doing the things that mean the most to you.