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The Big Perk of Scholarships

Posted on 12/5/2020 8:06:38 PM by Kayla Hunt

It’s December, so most students at Cabrini have selected their classes for the spring semester. A senior anticipates graduating in May with two majors and a course list that’s very particular so that she can graduate on time. That senior also still has an outstanding balance that has prevented her from registering for her classes. That senior is me. 

I’ve been in this boat before; when I was registering for the spring semester in my sophomore year, I didn’t register until a week or two before classes began. There was much anxiety, but while I didn’t get every class that I wanted, I got most of them. This year is a bit different because it’s my final year, and a lot is at stake. On the bright side, I have two scholarships that will help me out soon. One is an endowed scholarship from Cabrini, and the other is from the Live Mas Foundation. 

It’s important for students to consider scholarships in addition to filling out FAFSA. Unlike the subsidized and unsubsidized loans we have to pay back, scholarships are like grants where you don’t have to pay anything back. What’s really cool about some scholarships is that you can renew them and get more free money. 

Many times, scholarships are free but must be earned. For instance, I was awarded my scholarship from Live Mas because of my creative dreams and pursuits. Other times, like some of the endowed scholarships at Cabrini, a student is required to achieve and maintain a certain GPA, engage with the campus and community, and other things. 

Make sure you check for all the options that will get you the least amount of debt. Anyone is eligible for a grant or scholarship; you have to do a bit of digging. For those in the same boat as me and still have yet to register for classes, don’t worry. Things will align as they should, and you’ll still succeed!

P.S. Here's the link for the Live Mas scholarship if you're interested.