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Take a Visit to the Writing Center

Posted on 11/8/2020 1:12:46 PM by Kayla Hunt

Ah, the good ol’ Writing Center. Now physically located in Rooymans but operating online, the Academic Enrichment Center houses not only tutors for writing but also subject-area tutors as well as math tutors. Guess what? I’m one of them, and I’m here to explain why you should pay a virtual visit. 

I remember my first trip to the Writing Center. I was a little nervous and (even if I don’t want to admit it) offended that I was sent to the little office in Iadarola. My professor said that the visit would better my paper, and it’d also be a good opportunity to familiarize myself with the academic resources on campus. I begrudgingly went to my appointment and wondered in my head what the tutor could possibly find wrong with my essay. I was a great writer and have always been told so. 

My tutor was polite and friendly and read my paper, finding errors that I hadn’t realized for myself. He explained to me how to fix them, and then we carried on with the procedure of filling out the post-session form. I left the appointment feeling more confident about my paper, and when I turned it in, my grade reflected the changes. It wasn’t until a semester or two had passed that it dawned on me, what’s stopping me from becoming a tutor?

I was interviewed for the position in the spring semester of my sophomore year, and it was the second official interview of my life. I was again nervous, but I was excited too. This would be another thing on my resume, and also, helping others with their writing would essentially make me a better writer too! I got the job and returned in the fall of my junior year as an official Writing Center tutor. 

I want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity. This is my third semester with the job, and I’ve learned so much from it. I’ve honed my writing skills but also my skills for communication and critical thinking. The position requires me to pause and consider the most important thing that the student should leave the session knowing. It also challenges me to look at things from different angles, especially when students don’t understand how I previously approached their paper. 

I recommend everyone scheduling an appointment with at least one of the types of tutors we have at Cabrini. We’re your peers, so not only are we going to help you with your work, but we can empathize with you, laugh with you, and be your cheerleader too. For tutoring services, create an account on cabrini.mywc.com and stop by!