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How Will Studying Abroad Affect Your Friends?

Posted on 6/27/2019 3:59:53 PM by Katie McCauley

College is a unique and exciting experience for all who attend. There are so many things for students to take part in, many programs and facilities for them to explore, just at the touch of their fingertips. The opportunities are vast and wide - scholarships, extracurriculars, scholarly studies, and usually a study abroad program. Though I have always been too afraid to try my hand at some of, if not most of, these things, my best friend had no such qualms when she took off to spend a month in Argentina.

The author and her best friend on Cabrini's campus.

Sofia has been my best friend since high school, and we have been through a lot together. After knowing each other for six or so years, we’ve become inseparable; we even lived together in our freshman and sophomore school years at Cabrini. We’re also living together in the next year, our upcoming junior year; though not in the same room anymore, we’re still sticking together through thick and thin, just like we always have.

Just what happened, though, when she left me?

She also happens to live five minutes away from me, so even in summer, we usually spend most of our time together. However, now, she’s five thousand miles away instead of five minutes away. She is no longer right around the corner, she’s in Buenos Aires, having lunch and drinks with new friends that certainly aren’t me. We’re in different countries, different
hemispheres, when we’ve never been much further than five feet for more than a couple days.

Maybe it’s selfish to recount how her experience affected me, but it’s something a lot of students consider before they take the leap in order to have that experience. How will it affect their family, their friends, when they go away? What will it do to their relationships; how badly will it strain them?

Over the course of the month or so that Sofia has been on her study abroad, we’ve spoken to each other nearly every day. From sending pictures back and forth to texting to occasional phone calls, we haven’t lost touch once. Nor am I jealous, nor am I angry with her. I do miss her - I think anyone would miss someone who’s basically their equivalent of a twin - but it’s not as crazy as one might think. It’s been pretty much the same, minus the physical vicinity.

What I’m saying is: this was not my journey. It was Sofia who decided to take a chance and have an experience of a lifetime and experience a whole new country, hemisphere, and life in her own way. (Not to mention, Sofia is half Argentinian, so this bears quite a level of importance for her.) It didn’t change our friendship at all, and our friendship didn’t stop her from having an amazing time abroad.

The moral of the story is this: take the risk, and take the chance. Studying abroad is an amazing one time experience, and Cabrini’s program is especially incredible for its students. It is ultimately your decision, and if your decision is to attend Cabrini and take advantage of their study abroad program, I think that it’s something that will change your life for the better.