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Do Not Be Afraid To Say Yes

Posted on 2/10/2020 2:38:17 PM by Ariana Yamasaki

The number one thing I learned in my four years here at Cabrini University is to get involved. Getting involved in your major or different clubs around campus is the best thing that you can do. Throughout my years here I have built my resume, made new friends, created relationships with different staff and faculty, and broadened my view of the world. 

I remember as a freshman in my ECG 100 class, Our Interdependent World, my professor offered us a trip to Berks County Detention Center to be a part of a vigil for those who were being detained there. I decided to raise my hand and go. As a freshman, I did not know what Berks County Detention Center was and what was happening there. Once I got there, I was amazed to see all these people there showing their support for the women and children who were forced to stay inside the detention center. I remember being there and seeing the women and children come up to the gate and we told them that we are here for them and to not lose hope. We (those there for the vigil and those behind the gate) started singing together and it was a surreal moment for me. I felt their gratitude for us, and I believe that they felt our prayers for them. That day shaped the rest of my college career. 

Berks County Detention Center

After that I went on to join Cabrini’s chapter of Catholic Relief Services, I got involved in my major, and met some amazing people throughout it all. I had a radio show on Cabrini’s station 89.1 WYBF-FM, I was a writer for Cabrini’s student-run newspaper The Loquitur and then became an editor. I have gone on a couple of service trips with Campus Ministry, attended their PB&J nights, and went on their retreats. Doing all these things helped me make amazing college memories and meet new people.

It is never too late to get involved on campus, whether it be joining a club or signing up for a trip you might not of before. Be sure to talk to those in your class and those you pass in the hallway; they might be able to help you get involved.