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The 2019 Cabrini Pageant and Llamas

Posted on 9/26/2020 12:58:27 AM by Kayla Hunt

Ah, the fall season. There’s a lot to love this time of year, one thing being a beloved Cabrini tradition, the Mr. and Miss Cabrini Pageant. I was fortunate enough to be nominated to join the running and represent the Philosophy Club last year. I forced my vice president to do the pageant with me. We had a dance party in the hallway to pump ourselves up prior to going on stage actually. I’ll have to include that in my performance ritual for the future. 

I competed against a lot of young ladies I knew around campus who were also great gals. One of those great gals is a friend of mine and the current Miss Cabrini, Francesca Maslin. She and I put our pageantry rivalries aside (honestly no such thing existed but I’ll say it did to spice up the story) and we bonded a lot throughout the day. We went to a writing conference at Widner University and to her sister’s house so she could get her make-up done before going back to Cabrini. The car rides to and from were really deep and I appreciate her way more because of them. 

For the pageant, I brought one of my stuffed llamas on stage, Perry. I had to share my affinity for the species. I also performed an original song called, “Epiphany”, which a lot of people enjoyed. I always appreciate sharing my music with others so that was pretty awesome. 

Finally, there were so many good vibes throughout the night. If I wasn’t preparing for my performance or joking around with the other contestants, I rooting for them from the crowd.

Would I go to the pageant again, even if I didn’t win? Of course, it was one of my favorite memories at Cabrini that I’d love to have again. Obviously not the same memory but, anyhow, stay in touch on the campus by joining in fun events like this. It’s definitely worth it.