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Working Past the Mid-Semester Slump

Posted on 3/3/2017 3:44:25 PM by Cecelia Heckman

For many students the beginning of the new semester is an extremely exciting time! Walking into new classes and seeing who you know, looking through the syllabus to see what projects you’ll get to work on, meeting professors you haven’t had before or reconnecting with the ones you loved.

But after a couple of months in the course, that “new course excitement” fades away and you find yourself in piles of homework and only halfway through what turned out to be a pretty tough semester. What now?

For some this means feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and overstressed. But it doesn’t have to! Sometimes all it takes to get through that mid-semester slump is a little change in schedule to bring a whole new boost of energy for the rest of the semester.

Personally, this year has definitely been a long one and there have been times when I've thought to myself, how is this only the middle of the semester? However, I do have to say that being on top of my work takes away pretty much any of that feeling almost instantly.

My first recommendation if you’re feeling behind and like the end of the semester is nowhere in sight: Take a day and really lay out your plans. Anyone who knows me knows that my planner rarely ever leaves my side. When I need to feel more on top of my work, I simply lay out a plan of when I’m going to do it (that’s half the battle).



Okay, so now you’re at least a bit more organized, but you may still be thinking this month is just dragging on.

Try changing up your schedule! Going through the same motions and classes every week can definitely get monotonous, so try to look for little ways you can spice it up! Try going to the gym on a day or time you usually wouldn’t. Try going to the library to get some work done instead of holing up in your room. Usually have lunch in the cafeteria every Tuesday at 12:30? Go hang out at Jazzman’s instead and treat yourself to a smoothie!

You’ll be surprised how much a little change in your week really changes your mood. Now that you feel on top of the world, just get on top of that big project you’ve been putting off for a while! Trust me, when you get that done you’ll feel like you’ve conquered the semester.

The rest is going to be a breeze.