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How to Make Friends at College

Posted on 8/2/2019 6:07:16 PM by Katie McCauley

It’s always hard to come to a new place without knowing anybody. Making friends, especially if you’re introverted and/or you have anxiety, can be incredibly hard. Luckily, Cabrini University is always bustling with life and full of places and opportunities to make new friends. If you put yourself out there, just a little, the rewards will come to you tenfold! There’s always someone out there to be your friend, even if you start off not knowing anyone. Here are just a couple of opportunities to make some new friends, whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or even a senior! 

  1. Clubs - The best way to make friends with common interests is through clubs! Whether the anime club, iCavs Step Team, CRS, or the LBGTQ club, you can always find someone who shares similar interests with you to be friends with! It’s a lot easier to make friends when you have something to talk about, and you never have to fear being judged for what you like!

  2. Orientation - If you’re a freshman, the best place to find friends is at orientation. Chances are, everyone around you is looking for friends, too! Try to see who you vibe with, and then introduce yourself! Things will go uphill from there!

  3. Classes - People who gravitate within your classes will likely have similar interests as well! It’s very important to make friends outside your major, but having a few within your major is always beneficial. Whether doing homework together or simply finding kindred spirits in your class, it never hurts to reach out to people in your classes and see if you can be friends.

  4. Campus Events - Whether you’re going to BINGO or to the Unity Week Festival, Cabrini always offers many campus events for you to attend and find some friends. The SEaL office is often responsible for these events, and thus for some lifelong friendships! Try to attend and to put yourself out there, and you can reap the rewards soon after!

  5. Floor Meetings - As well as your classmates, it’s also very important to make friends outside of your roommate and floormates, but who says you can’t be friends with them too? Some of your best friends can be waiting right around the corner, so make sure to introduce yourself to the people who live around you and see who you can potentially be friends with.

  6. Resident’s Events - Outside of floor meetings, resident assistants (R.A.s) will often hold events for people on their floor to come and hang out. From UNO games to face mask events to movie nights to making homemade stress balls, R.A.s will host a ton of events to get to know the people in your residence hall. It provides a great opportunity for floormates to get to know each other. Having fun and playing games can be a great bonding experience.

  7. Late Night at CRU5H- If all else fails, late-night eating is often the hub of activity at Cabrini University. Whether students missed dinner and are desperate for a quick bite, or they’re just chilling with some chicken tenders, late-night dining is a great social hub for students and a great way to make some new friends!

No matter who you are or who you like to make friends with, Cabrini is always a great place to find some kindred spirits. Since one of Cabrini's core values is a welcoming community, it’s always easy to find friends (and maybe even further, to find family) here.