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3 Ways Cabrini Made Me Live With Purpose

Posted on 4/14/2017 10:30:10 PM by Cecelia Heckman

For many, the focus of going to college revolves around school work, social life, and campus involvement. However, Cabrini adds one more special factor to the college experience, an Education of the Heart. And no, this is not just a phrase that is strewn on their advertisements. The Cabrini Education of the Heart is something that students take with them for the rest of their lives.

When I first chose to attend Cabrini, it was for the same reasons as many other students choose whatever school they choose: it was affordable for me and had my major. At that time, I did not even realize the million other ways Cabrini would be the perfect fit for me.

The new slogan of Cabrini University is “Live with Purpose” and I think there are very many students who could attest that this school pushes you to do just that; myself included. While the ways my life has been changed through Cabrini are practically endless, here are just a few ways Cabrini has made me “live with purpose.”

1. Volunteering

Student with boxes of food donations 

I came into college from a long history of Catholic school, so volunteering was not something new for me. However, the volunteering I always did was counted hours based on a school requirement. I would log it on a sheet and do it to get it done as soon as possible. It was not volunteering in the true sense of the word. However, within my first year at Cabrini I was truly inspired to volunteer. I wanted to go out into the community and make a difference; not because I had to, but because I realized that my efforts could be the chance to change the life of another person for the better. From making Christmas cards with children at a hospital in Delaware to collecting food and clothing for donation, my experience volunteering can only continue to grow from here.

2. Learning

Student studying with notebook

Obviously, you are going to learn in college. That’s really the main point. However, there is a huge difference between learning math and learning the social justice issues that plague our nation. Cabrini will teach you both. Not only that, they will somehow work the importance of realizing social justice issues into one of your math classes. If that doesn’t make you realize the importance enough, you will also take at least three Engagements with the Common Good courses in any number of topics that really broaden not only your knowledge on these topics but your genuine concern and passion on global issues. In each class, I am able to learn and take all of that learning outside of the classroom in order to truly work on making a difference not only in my own life but in the lives of others.

3. Leading

Students at the Loquitur table

One thing that I think is most special in my time at Cabrini has been my opportunity to lead in so many different aspects. I have been able to lead service efforts, the student newspaper, honor societies, and much more; each with its own unique experience. However, there is one common thing to every leadership position that I have held in the last three years at Cabrini, and that is the sense of purpose that I felt. Not only has it been an honor to serve in each aspect that I have, but I could really see my efforts and the consequences of my actions throughout the school and community with everything I did. My actions were able to affect the lives of others and that is something I will always remember when I have the opportunity to act as a leader in any respect.