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How I Decided to Double Major

Posted on 12/4/2016 10:13:02 AM by Alexis Schwarz

When I enrolled at Cabrini I knew what I wanted to do upon graduation. I started as a marketing major, knowing I wanted to go into the event planning profession. What I did not realize was that Cabrini would show me other learning opportunities that would help with my career plans. 

As a part of Cabrini‚Äôs business requirements, students have to take the basic level courses in several different fields of business to expand their knowledge. One of the courses required is Principles of Accounting I. This is a course I knew I had to take ... and feared, because I was never great in the higher-level math courses. 

As I quickly realized, accounting principles came easily to me and my professor suggested I consider minoring or majoring in Accounting. I looked at the credits needed to minor in Accounting and realized it was possible to add the minor to my Marketing major.

As I became a sophomore and continued taking different business classes, I looked into other minors I could take on to help expand my knowledge for when I became an event planner. For a short time I had declared another business minor in Entrepreneurship, but realized that may not be the best way to allocate my credits to graduate.

Shortly before the end of my sophomore year, I looked into the additional credits I needed to change my Accounting minor into a major and realized it was possible for me to graduate, on time, with two majors. Although my career goal of becoming an event planner had not changed, I realized accounting could help me farther down the line when I hope to open my own company.

During my first year at Cabrini, I would not have believed anyone who told me I would be graduating from Cabrini University as a double major with a minor, but I am currently on track to do just that! Although it may seem overwhelming at first, Cabrini gives students every opportunity possible to expand their knowledge and get most out of their four years here. I have done just that and hope to continue to expand my knowledge with the remaining time I have left before graduation.