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The Holy Spirit Library

Posted on 11/5/2019 10:40:40 AM by Katie McCauley

There are few places in the world more beautiful than a library, and there are few places on Cabrini campus that are more beautiful than the Holy Spirit Library. No matter who you are, your major, or why you chose to come to Cabrini University, one of your favorite places on campus is probably the Holy Spirit Library. From its beautiful architecture to its quiet and engaging ambiance, the Holy Spirit Library is one of the best spaces to utilize on campus.

On the main floor of the library, there are many computers and multiple printers for the convenience of the students who need them. Whether your laptop is broken (and trust me, it happens) or you need something printed just before class, the technology is ready and available. The computers are easy to use and one of the most valuable assets to students on campus. If there are any issues (rare, but possible) library staff are always ready and willing to help if need be. There are also quiet nooks and crannies to study in, as well as the shelves of books that libraries are typically known for.

There are tons of books throughout the building, as well as films on DVD to borrow, which can be a helpful resource for classes. If you need to watch a movie, the professor may put copies of the movie on hold in the library; the same thing goes for reading a passage of a book. Even if that is never a necessary resource for you, the DVDs and books are still a resource of potential enjoyment and fun for you! They have a wide and varying range of genres of both books and movies, from romance to history, to drama to children’s.

The basement floor of the Library is where the Commuter Lounge is located which has vending machines, a microwave, tables, sofas, and more for students to utilize between classes. 

On the top floor (also known as the quiet floor), you can find the perfect place to study or do homework with friends. From the comfortable couches to the round tables to the lengthier and larger work surfaces, as long as you’re being quiet, the world is your oyster. Spread your things out on a nearby table, get your friends together to do homework and hang out, or start to work on that group project you have due this week; either way, the top floor of the library is perfect to get comfortable and to get down to business.

The top floor also has two other resources for students to use: the "Fishbowl" and the Roosevelt room. The Fishbowl is a large private room with open windows and the space to work with many people at once. If you have a group project, you may want to nab the Fishbowl for an easy space to work together. As for the Roosevelt room, it is slightly smaller but just as comfortable. It is better suited (but still an excellent space) for smaller group sessions. The top floor also has the Library Conference Room; though there are often classes inside, if necessary, the room can be used for engaging meetings with clubs or other communities. Its broad meeting space and boardroom-like atmosphere can be helpful for those kinds of activities.

The Holy Spirit Library is a resource for all students; from freshman to senior, from Education majors to English majors, the library is one of the best places to be on campus. Utilize your time and resources wisely. The Holy Spirit Library is there for you!