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Working While at Cabrini

Posted on 4/12/2019 1:39:11 PM by Connor Tustin

Attending college is a big sacrifice socially, physically, and of course finically. But in the end, the benefits of going to college will only help your future. But another important facet of college life is working some kind of job or internship during your four years.

Not only is it good to get a few extra bucks in your pocket to spend on the weekend or to go towards tuition, but the experience of working a job while attending college comes with a heap of valuable experience. In all honesty, the experience of a job in college is 100 percent more valuable than the money in the long run. 

Currently, I work in the Cabrini University Office of Admissions as a student ambassador, a blog writer for the school website, and in the past, I served as the Social Media Intern for the Office of Admissions. 

I can say that managing three of these jobs along with my academic and athletic careers has helped me to become a well-rounded individual. Being a professional down the line will require a lot of multi-tasking and time management, which I gain each and every day here at Cabrini. 

I gain this experience from the jobs I work on campus. Whether it’s heading to the Admissions Office to give tours and file some paperwork or composing a weekly blog post to share my love of Cabrini with others, I learn how to value my time a lot better.

In addition to those experiences here on campus, I am also heavily involved within my major. Being Editor-in-Chief of our school’s student-run newspaper, The Loquitur is basically a full-time job in itself. Between managing a staff of 40+, organizing the next week's paper, holding meetings, and more, I have learned how to manage this a loaded schedule seven days a week. 

However, these are only my personal experiences as there are plenty more job opportunities on and off-campus. On-campus there are student jobs with Sodexo, the Holy Spirit Library, Facilities, the Dixon Center, Wolfington Center, and more!  

As for off-campus jobs, the Cabrini area and its surrounding communities have a lot to offer for college students. It really just depends on what you may be looking for, but I am sure you can find it off-campus! 

As a junior here at Cabrini, I strongly suggest obtaining at least one job during your time at Cabrini. It really will benefit you for the future, even at the least expected jobs. You may not think that working five hours a week flipping burgers somewhere could benefit your future, but at the end of the day, it most certainly can. 

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