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Senior Project with Purpose Beyond the Classroom

Posted on 6/5/2017 2:38:00 PM by Emily Rowan

The Cabrini Communication Department gave me many unique learning opportunities over my four years and challenged me as a student, but the one project that will forever stand out to me is my senior convergence capstone project. This so called “project” that I was required to complete to receive my degree became so much more than that.

My class of 11 students began with nothing other than a topic and we chose one that is never easy to talk about.

Addiction and substance abuse.

Our class goal: to build an entire website from the bottom up to educate society about addiction, using video interviews and other media. 

After a year, we met that goal. Our website is live and contains valuable information that anyone can learn from.  

FixForAddiction.com consists of dozens of media pieces all created by students in the class. We have videos, photography, infographics, and text to explain the topic in greater detail, present the problems and some of the possible solutions to “find a fix.”

For me and some others in the class we quickly realized this final project was turning into a bigger mission to create something with real meaning that would transcend time and have the potential to change someone’s life.

Our class is finished, the course goal was completed, I have graduated with a degree in Communication, but I still have a drive to share this site with as many people as I can.

My new goal: to change someone’s life by giving them information that could help them choose a healthier life path or maybe change a person’s negative views of substance use disorder.

To date, myself and two of my classmates have presented our site to one support group for parents who have dealt with addiction in their families. To hear from those who have been touched personally by the disease, who applauded our site and gave such positive feedback, made us feel like we really are making a positive difference.

After being thanked and seeing how grateful the parents were for taking time to spread awareness on the topic, we decided we want to continue to share our site with addiction support groups and students, to transcend the site beyond just a senior requirement.

From what we have learned about the topic of substance abuse and addiction, only with breaking negative stigmas and educating society will the problem begin to get any better. 

Now is our time to take this finished project and use it to continue to live with purpose.

Convergence class group photo
Our convergence class after presenting our website for the first time

Please visit FixForAddiction.com to learn more about how substance abuse and addiction is affecting our society.