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Coming to College Undeclared

Posted on 4/26/2017 10:25:33 AM by Emily Rowan

I came to Cabrini four years ago “undecided” or as an “undeclared major” as it’s typically called. I had a few things I liked academic-wise and I definitely knew what I did not like, but I was still not sure where exactly I “fit” regarding a major.

I constantly got asked freshman year and into sophomore year, “so what’s your major,” and each and every time I had to respond, “I’m undecided.”

Committing to a major always felt like a daunting shadow following me around. I knew that it was an important choice that would greatly impact me for the rest of my life, which often had me putting off the decision. Deep down I often felt pressured to make a commitment because I always had somewhat of a feeling of being out of place when I told people I was undecided.

So for my first two years of college, I spent most of my time taking my “core” classes. Science, math, English ... but I also took an intro to communication class, an art class and graphic design class, because those were some areas where I felt like I might find my “fit.”

By the time I reached the second half of my sophomore year, I had finally decided to declare myself as a communication major. I have always had a passion for photography and I knew I could use my photo skills in the communication field, plus I enjoyed the intro to communication class I took my freshman year.I found my fit in the Communication department at Cabrini

After handing in my paperwork to the registrar's office, I felt relieved. I finally made my choice.

Sometimes I still had moments where I felt a little unsettled and questioned if I made the right choice. Some of the classes I knew I had to take had me wondering if I could be successful as a communication major.

I have never been super outgoing, which I thought all communication majors had to be (you do not have to be). Yes, you have to get outside of your comfort zone a lot and you have to learn to interview people who may not even want to speak with you and take video footage of the person who is camera shy. It has never been easy, but it is rewarding.

It was not until my junior year, when I was offered the position of photo editor of the school paper, that I knew I had made the right choice. I had never been one to consider myself a leader but I took the opportunity and have not looked back since.

The communication department has become my home on this campus and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. Although some of my classes have been a challenge for me, that comes with any major you choose and getting outside your comfort zone is really what college is all about.

So to those of you coming into college “undecided,” do not worry and do not feel pressured to make a decision right off the bat. As much as you might feel like you are the only one, you’re not. Take the time while you are undecided to fulfill required classes but also try a few classes in areas you feel you do your best work in.

Plus, if you do wind up making a choice you are not too happy with, you are never stuck. Switching majors or adding or dropping minors is completely normal in college. This is your time to really find your true “fit.” Do not settle for anything less than the major that makes you happiest.