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CRU5H: Is It Worth It?

Posted on 9/20/2019 2:44:29 PM by Katie McCauley

Recently, Cabrini opened up its newest revenue for food: Cru5h (pronounced “crush”), a grill and snack shop open from 7:30am to midnight. Cru5h recently replaced the Cabrini Bean (formerly known as Jazzman’s), a cafe and grill spot with two different registers. Cru5h was implemented in order to orchestrate a more organized eating spot as well as a more modernized and efficient form of ordering and paying for food.

Much different to the Bean as well as any other current or previous eating places on campus, Cru5h came out initially to mixed reviews. There was both some confusion and upset feelings at the loss of the Bean, as well as an overabundance of excitement for new food options. However, there was no clearcut reviews of Cru5h for people who’ve yet to go. You may be wondering, as a student: is it worth it? Should I really go out of my way to go grab food when I can make ramen at home?

As a Cabrini resident and author of blogs (and as a person whose work runs too late for me to attend dinner), I thought I would give it a shot and see if I could tell you anything about it. So, after work last Thursday, I stopped by to see what everything was about.

As soon as you walk in the doors, the atmosphere is exciting and welcoming. The modern and sleek white tiling and counter space are eye-catching and interesting, and the sitting area is large and comfortable for all students, whether they’ve just grabbed a coffee or a burrito bowl. It’s definitely a great hangout spot, with plenty of chairs to pull up and hang out with your friends.

food options at crush

Though not necessary, there are now kiosks for you to order from instead of waiting in a long line for nearly an hour in order to order a scone and go. The kiosks are easy to use and fully functional, and it takes human error out of the equation (at least on one end, though I suppose it can’t really account for you personally). Through the kiosks, you can order various types of food - Mexican food, breakfast sandwiches, milkshakes and smoothies, burgers, chicken nuggets, and anything in between. From there, a receipt for your food is printed, and you pay for that receipt and then wait for your food. It’s that simple!

Behind the walls of the kiosks, there’s also the fairly easy to navigate storefront. There are fridges filled with drinks and ready-made sandwiches, sushi is out on display, candy and chips, and various snacks are ready to go, and much, much more. It is a comfortable and familiar space (harkening back to the days of the Cabrini Bean), and it is overall a great space.

Finally, after gathering after all you need (whether from the kiosk, store, or both), all you have to do is pay at the register and wait for your food. The staff are kind, considerate, and very helpful - if you have any questions for them, don’t hesitate to ask!

inside crush

They are always willing to work with you in order to make it a more cooperative and efficient place to eat.

Though this doesn’t cover all of Cru5h’s features (such as the new Starbucks area for all of your coffee needs), the broadest description is this: it is an excellent food source for all students on campus! Give it a shot; Cabrini is cru5h-ing it!