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Emily holding decorated grad cap outside mansion

Becoming a Cabrini Graduate

Posted on 5/10/2017 4:13:25 PM by Emily Rowan

If I could tell myself one thing on the day I got my acceptance letter to Cabrini, I would tell myself, “Don’t be afraid to take on this new adventure in your life. Say yes to trying new things and challenging yourself during your college career. Cabrini will become your home away from home and it will be the greatest four years of your life.”

I never thought that four years could pass so quickly. Freshman year move in day feels like just yesterday. I still remember shedding a tear and waving goodbye to my parents as I stood on the East Residence walkway with my two new roommates.  

From that day on my life was never the same, but in such a good way.

During my time here I have gotten an education that many can only dream of. I found a home in the Communication Department and found myself leading teams, something that if you had asked me if I could do freshman year, I would have said “no way.” Maybe most importantly, I’ve met people here that today I cannot imagine my life without.

At the end of my senior year of high school I came across this anonymous quote: “I think everyone has a certain part of their life where they truly wish they could freeze time. Whether it was three years ago, today, or still to come. Whether it was just a moment, a whole day, or a whole summer. Everyone has a time in their life where they wish everything would just stop, the world would stop turning and the people would stop changing. Because to them, at that time, everything was perfect.”

As my second and last ever “senior year” is coming to an end I couldn’t help but think of that quote once again. If time had stopped four years ago during my senior year of high school when I thought I was happiest, I would have missed out on the most important opportunity my life has yet to hand me—college.

Now as I read this same quote, I cannot help but think about how much I wish I could, again, stop time and make this year of college last forever. There are so many great things here that I’m not completely ready to leave. Reflecting back, though, it is important to remember that only with time and change does life give you opportunities to grow, learn and succeed.

My graduation from Cabrini University is right around the corner and it is hard to comprehend that I won’t be showing up in August to move into a new dorm room. It is hard to accept that I won’t be spending most of my days in Founder's Hall. It is hard to imagine not being constantly surrounded by the familiar faces who I spent so much time getting to know and laughing with.

Although at this moment everything seems perfect enough that I wish it could stay like this forever, I know there will be another great adventure waiting for me beyond 610 King of Prussia Road. I am grateful for the remarkable impact this place has left on me and I can only hope that the students who come after me will also find this place to be the best experience their lives have yet to give them, too.