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Let's Talk About Minimalism

Posted on 3/8/2018 2:16:12 PM by Rachael Tygh

Let’s Talk Minimalistic

Over spring break, I did not have any specific plans but to relax. While relaxing, I looked around my room and it made me think. My room is filled with items and clothing that I do not use, need, or even touch on a daily basis. What is the point of having so many things that are never used? All of this clutter was encouraging me to want to take spring cleaning to the extreme. I quickly visited YouTube and Pinterest to research ideas on becoming a minimalist.

Minimalist: Simple living encompassing a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one's lifestyle. These may include, for example, reducing one's possessions, generally referred to as minimalism, or increasing self-sufficiency.

I figured this would be a solid starting point that would encourage me to want to declutter as much as possible.

The idea of becoming a minimalist was to not throw out everything I own, but to eliminate items that do not bring value into my everyday life. I did this by starting with one section of my room at a time. I opened my closet and removed any shoes or clothing that I do not like, wear, or want anymore. I did this same routine with everything in my room. From here, I created three piles:

  1. Trash

  2. Sell

  3. Donate

This cleaning-out method can earn you some extra cash if you bring your items to a second-hand store or an online selling platform. You can also bring your donation pile to the Salvation Army or donation bins. I was able to declutter my room over break, which was the perfect amount of time. My room looks drastically different now and is much less cluttered with unnecessary items. Below is a 30-day challenge of overall minimalist ideas to try out to see if you like this type of lifestyle. I started with my room, but you can start anywhere you would like to. You can start by cleaning out your school bag, wallet, purse, car, or a small closet. Just start small and work your way up. Or if you are like me and always dive in head first, then start big and go until everything has been decluttered. It all depends on the person and your goals. Either way, give it a shot and see what comes of it!