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Break Free from Stress and Get in the Holiday Spirit

Posted on 12/6/2017 9:01:47 PM by Rachael Tygh

During the stressful time of Finals Week and the end of the semester, it can be difficult to look past the papers, projects, and exams and get in the holiday spirit. But it's healthy to take a study break! Here are some Christmas activities to do or places to visit that will help you get in the holiday spirit a little more this year.

Peddler's Village. Located in New Hope, PA, it is an outside area filled with stores, food, and Christmas lights. The stores are unique in that a lot of handmade items are sold there, but there are also stores that sell sports memorabilia and clothing. They have many food options to choose from, such as a whole store dedicated to all different types of popcorn and a pastry shop with every cupcake flavor you can think of. Make sure to visit when the sun goes down so that you can enjoy all the Christmas lights that cover the shops and neighborhood. Dogs are welcome too!

Macy’s Christmas Light Show. Every year, at the Macy’s located in Center City, the store transforms into a spectacular and cheerful event, all for free! Inside, there is a large light show every 15 minutes, during which a large group gathers in singing along as the lights play a story. After the show, you can walk through the live story of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Story. Then, you will be brought to Santa Claus himself. You can skip this or opt in to take a picture with him! When you're done, take a walk across the street to Love Park and explore the outside Christmas Village market filled with food and huts to shop around.

Shopping malls. Yes, malls are overly crowded and hectic during the holidays, but that is part of the fun. I always go to the same mall year after year. Switch it up! Visit and explore a mall that you do not usually go to. You may find a new store that you never knew of before. It is fun to visit malls because each one celebrates Christmas in its own way. I recently visited the Willow Grove mall and I loved it! I had not been there since I was younger. It was filled with lights and decorations everywhere I looked. There was even an entire store dedicated to Christmas!

Bake cookies! Grab some dough from your local grocery store and all the yummy fillings and sprinkles you can imagine. Making cookies is a must for me during December. You can take on the task of making them from scratch or even buy the pre-made Pillsbury ones with Santa or Rudolph on them. Cookies, especially the Pillsbury cookies, will fill your kitchen up with a Christmas aroma that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

During the holidays it is so easy to get caught up in all the stress. Use these simple but fun activities to keep you in the spirit of Christmas! Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone.