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An Open Letter to The Eager to Leave Senior

Posted on 2/5/2016 8:23:33 PM by Dan Luner

Dear Eager To Leave Senior,

You've finally made it to second semester of senior year. You've spent the last four years waking up early, going to class all day and then working on homework for most of the night. Now this year the college application process has been added to the mix and you're likely ready to leave your high school and start over fresh. 

That's totally understandable... but these last few months of high school are going to be the ones that you will always remember in the most detail - So enjoy them while you have them!

Four years ago, I was exactly in your shoes. I had completed the majority of the requirements to graduate, was already accepted into some colleges and universities and just like you: I was eager to get out of there.

But what you may not realize is some of the best moments of your high school careers are about to come. Senior prom, the senior class picnic, your final performance as a member of the choir, or even your final game as a member of the baseball team. And how could I forget wearing your senior class t-shirt on a regular basis... these are all moments that will last a lifetime.

This time in your high school career is also a crucial time for the relationships you currently have in your life. And I'm not just talking about your boyfriends or girlfriends. Use these last few months to fix any sour friendships, reveal yourself to that special someone you've been crushing on since freshmen-year homeroom, or even spend some time writing some thank you notes to the teachers who have made the biggest impact on you during these years.

Graduation day is approaching and while it does feel amazing to have that diploma in your hand, you will miss it at one point and time. No matter how many times you tell yourself you won't.

So be sure to get anybody and everybody you want to sign your yearbook. Choose the dress color you've always wanted to wear to a prom even though many have said, "It's not your color." And have a grandiose graduation party.

College will be here ready for you, but in the meantime enjoy these last few months of senior year.