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A Senior's Advice: Find Your Passion

Posted on 10/21/2019 8:22:20 PM by Abigail Scardelletti

Finding your passion in college should be easy, because that is what you are there to do: find and pursue your passion. Easy right? You take general education classes to get them out of the way, then jump right into your major classes and there it is found no looking needed. Right? 


Finding your passion in college should never be easy. Nor should it be a singular point. I came into college thinking that I was only going to be interested in a lowkey communications career, and not really get involved in too many things on campus and keep my head down. 

As a senior, I am so glad I did not keep my head down. While at Cabrini, I not only found that I had multiple passions, but I found my voice. I discovered skills that I could use in my future, found confidence to apply (and earn) positions I never thought I could, and most importantly, found different passions and a drive to pursue them. 

Coming in as a timid freshman, all I knew about Cabrini was that the school newspaper, Loquitur had won a lot of awards because they were proudly shown to me during my tour and that Comcast came into use our video production room. I never dreamed that I would become the Circulation Manager of the Loquitur or use the video room for class. 

In my sophomore year, I did not think I would be marching in Washington DC for gun reform with 800,000 people along with my fellow cavaliers, becoming a Political Science minor, or be applying to be a resident assistant. 

I did not think I would enjoy my general education classes let alone learn about food insecurity or my junior year, be passionately lobbying for immigration in Senator Booker’s office in Washington DC for my ECG 300 class. 

I did not think my senior year, I would be creating a website with my peers about voting justice, a writer for a hockey website/podcast, holding an internship position I am learning from, being called a “returner RA” or be actively looking for internships in the field of my dreams. 

Above all, I found that Cabrini has not just given me a college education. At Cabrini, I found I can make my dream a reality while also being able to pursue other passions I have found along the way. 

So, as I go through my second to last midterm cycle and look at classes for my final semester of college, I will leave you with this: do not isolate yourself. Say yes to every opportunity. Chase your dreams because they will terrify you but, Cabrini will prepare you. 

Take the leap of faith and figure out how to live with purpose.