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5 Things You Wouldn't Expect to Need In College

Posted on 3/29/2016 10:51:19 PM by Francesca DiGregorio

Everyone has seen the several long lists of things to pack and bring with you for college that include seemingly everything one could possibly need! From clothes hangers to microwavable dinners and extra storage bins and mini fridges, there are surprisingly a few items these lists are all missing. Unlike all of those similar lists, I have come up with what I see as things I did not originally bring to college, but things I actually realized I needed once I was here for a while. These are just suggestions and may not work for you but surely have helped me!

5. An extra USB cable/Phone charger.

Whether you realize it, or not, you must admit that as a millennial we heavily rely on our phones. Unfortunately, I have had occasions where my phone charging USB cable breaks and am in a tough situation, particularly because I use my phone's alarm to wake me up in the morning. Many of my friends have their schedules, meetings, and appointments all set on their phones and even admit that without them, they would be lost! This is where a back up phone charger/USB cable would really come in handy in case of an emergency.

4. A Can Opener

As a college student, there are often times when your day-to-day schedule is just too busy to go grab lunch with friends and you're left to eating whatever you have in your room. I always keep a few cans of soup at hand in case I'm eating a quick lunch, or I'm not feeling well and just need some chicken noodle soup (even though it's not quite like your mom's homemade one, it'll do). A can opener, however, is one that many people forget is needed! 

3. Solid Air Freshener

A solid air freshener is a great item to keep in your room at all times! It keeps your room constantly smelling fresh and clean, or whichever scent you and your roommate prefer. They are essential in dorm rooms to help mask the mix of scents a small room can contain like the scent of the popcorn you're making and the mix of you and your roommate's perfumes.

2. Plastic Bags

I always recycle any plastic bags I use after taking the Cabrini Shuttle to go to Walmart to go grocery shopping and reuse them as trash bags. You never know when you'll need them and they are very easy to reuse.

1. Swiffer

Lastly, my most prized possession at college for a Danny Tanner neat freak like myself, my Swiffer. Swiffers are super simple to use and really effective in cleaning up any dust under your bed, trash on the floor, or any other mess your room might have. I realized how much I asked for one and actually received it right before the end of my first semester, and considered it an early Christmas gift! It's a quick and easy way to tidy your room up requiring very little effort. 


If you forget to bring any of the items listed above, do not fear! Many people have come to my room to borrow these items, and as silly as it sounds it can be a great way to make friends at the start of your first semester! If you choose to bring these items, I can almost guarantee that you won't regret it.