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The Best Places to Study on Campus

Posted on 10/10/2022 10:12:42 AM by Piper Byrne

Believe it or not, the fall semester is already reaching a midpoint.  Studying and completing your assignments is as important as ever, especially with the middle-of-the-semester assignments approaching.  Sometimes, sitting in your dorm room gets old, and you need a change in scenery to keep up your productivity level.  In this blog, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite places to complete assignments and study when I need a change of scene. 

The Commons

When weather permits, the Commons is my all-time favorite place to sit and do homework.  The area is completely communal, so you never have to be worried about not being allowed to spend time out there.  There are a variety of chairs, benches, and picnic tables available so that you can pick your preference. Typically, I use the picnic tables because I have books, papers, etc., to lay out.  The mix of the fresh air, and music in my Airpods, helps maximize my productivity level.  I usually only put one earbud in because I love to listen to the sounds of the outdoors.   The fall especially is an amazing time to sit out there because you get to admire the pretty colors and watch the leaves fall.  Make sure to bring a sweatshirt or a jacket! It gets chilly in the shade. 

Holy Spirit Library

This is an obvious one, but the library is a great place to do homework and study.  If you are someone who gets distracted easily, this is a great place for you.  It is always so quiet and so easy to stay on task because everyone else in there (for the most part) is trying to get work done too! You also have all the books and resources available right in the same room as you.  The top floor is the quietest floor and has plenty of couches and tables.  The "Fishbowl"  is also on the top floor.  It is my favorite place to sit in the library and is great for working in a large group.  The room is surrounded by open windows; hence it being called The Fishbowl, so you can look out and see the beauty of Cabrini’s campus.  If you’re getting together to work on a group project, you should definitely try to grab this space! The main floor of the Library has printers that you can use to print your papers and projects, and is a great place for you to get in touch with one of the librarians if you need any help. 

The Grill

The third place I like to go and study on campus is the Grill located in the Widener Center (pictured above).  This has more of a coffee shop study vibe. There are definitely more distractions, but in my opinion, it is nothing that listening to some music or a podcast can’t fix.  There are always so many open tables and even booths in the back across from the SEaL Office.  It’s also a great place to be if you’re someone who likes to snack and grab a coffee while you work like I do. 

Next time you feel like you hit a productivity wall in your room, try changing the scene to a different spot on campus.  You’d be surprised how much this helps and motivates you to do your work.  It’ll give you less of an opportunity to get distracted by other things in your dorm and more of an opportunity to get stuff done! Don’t get discouraged.  You’ve got this.  Happy studying, Cavs!