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"Take A Seat At The Table" Painted by Keziah Landis ('22)

Posted on 9/12/2022 11:05:52 AM

Keziah Landis ('22) painted a mural in the Academic Enrichment Center in Rooymans Hall titled "Take A Seat At The Table." 

1 – What was your inspiration for this mural?

Well, it was a bit of a group effort. My friend Cass told me about the opportunity and told the Academic Enrichment Center about me.  We met to discuss what the Center was looking for after looking at my art style. They wanted something that represented the students they were helping.  From that came the idea of having a classroom-like scene. 

2 – Can you write a little bit about the process you went through to create the mural from start to finish?

It is kind of hard to write about the process as it all kind of feels like a dream now. But I will say that in painting portraits, I have a bit of a free-form process. The base drawing acts like a shadow. There are no features, and it acts as more of a placeholder. Then I go in with the paint. At this stage, I am trying to carve out the facial feature and make them look human. Finally, there are the details. This is where the story is written: who is this character? How do they feel in this scene? what do they want to say? This is my favorite part

3 – What do you hope the Cabrini community feels/experiences/understands when seeing this mural?

I hope people feel seen, heard, and acknowledged.  As a minority myself, I understand what it is like to feel forgotten, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So, to all the people who feel different or weird, "Take A Seat At The Table" is a love letter to you. You are beyond worthy. You are spectacular.

4 – Can you write about the abstract color choices you used in the mural?

Well, to me it is not abstract, but I suppose I have three answers to the question at hand:

  1. I used to paint in more "traditional" colors, but at some point, then I found the color pallet I used and loved. It.  It forces me to think differently. 
  2. When you see pink, red, and blue, you don't think of race normally. These characters can literally be anyone. If you see yourself in it, you are right.
  3. I just simply like it. 

5 – Share any other thoughts or feelings about the artwork!

If you like whimsy, camp, fun colors, this mural, and cool art, follow me @eyem.the.artist. on Instagram!

Also, thank you, Cass Graff, Ms. Rachel, and Mr. Kyle, for the opportunity. I hope u had as much fun as I did on the project.