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Best Spots on Cabrini's Campus to Take Graduation Photos

Posted on 1/12/2023 1:37:17 PM

It is almost that time of year when confetti will be stuck between the crevices of the bricks in the Mansion Courtyard - a sure sign that Commencement is right around the corner. We love this newer tradition of taking photos adorned in your graduation attire that has come about, and our campus is certainly the perfect backdrop for the occasion! Today we are going to share a few tips and tricks to make your photos really pop and the spots that will help make that happen.

1. In front of the Mansion

This is the most obvious and one of the best spots on Cabrini's campus to take graduation photos. The beautiful building is the center of our campus and makes for a wonderful background. Don't forget to go beyond the courtyard area, too; this will allow for a wider/fuller view of the building and some Cabrini banners in the background of your shots! (Like the photo at the top of the blog).

       Grad out front of mansion              confetti grad

2. Behind the Mansion

Did you know what we consider the back of the mansion was actually the front side, way back when! Many will argue this side is even more picturesque than the other. Tips for taking this shot - aim to shoot early morning or right before sunset, times when the sun isn't directly hitting the building; otherwise, the mansion will look washed out. 

Grad out back of mansion with cap

3. Outside your most-visited academic building

Science and Psychology majors, you probably spent most of your class days walking to Iadarola; snap a shot there. During springtime outside that building, there are always a lot of vibrant greens and pink and purple flowers to get in the fore and background! Education, business, communication majors, etc., consider some shots outside of Founder's Hall. There are plenty of benches in this area where you can pose, and of course, you can shoot by the iconic Cabrini clock -- talk about a subtle sign the TIME has come to graduate.

Grad outside of Iadarola building

4. The "Academic Walk" Archway and Mansion Pillars 

You have probably gone through the archway off to the side of the Mansion Courtyard at least once during your time at Cabrini. Have you ever looked down as you've passed through? There's a stone that reads "Academic Walk." When Cabrini was smaller, and Commencement took place on the back Mansion lawn, it was tradition for graduates to walk through the archway on their way to the ceremony. Around the corner from the arch is the Provost Patio adorned with four large white pillars. Nothing screams collegiate more than a few large pillars, right? 

Grad near large pillars at Mansion

5. The Dixon Center 

For those involved in athletics on campus, this is a spot not to miss. If you are a student-athlete, you've probably spent the majority of your "spare" time in Dixon, so grab your stick, ball, goggles, etc., and cap for this shot to make it unique and fun. From the Pavilion Lobby to the wall across from the Hall of Fame room adorned with the large Cavalier logo, there are a couple of great spots in this building to shoot by that really scream Cav pride. 

Grad with poms in Dixon Center by Cav

We hope this list has sparked some inspiration for your graduation photos! These are just a few of the many great spots on campus that will make your grad photos stand out from the crowd. You can share your graduation photos with us on Instagram using #CabriniCommence, and we might feature them on our page.

Congratulations to the Cabrini University Class of 2023!