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5 of the Best Things Cabrini Gave Me

Posted on 2/21/2023 9:09:07 AM by Student Ambassadors

Written by: Carina Shandy ('24)

1. A Unique Education rooted in Social Justice

Mother Cabrini’s “Education of the Heart” is in our mission as well as our Justice Matters core curriculum. Our Engagement With the Common Good (ECG) classes give us the opportunity to become more empathetic global citizens, which was something that stood out to me from other schools in the area. I have learned so much from the ECG classes as well as our well-rounded liberal arts core curriculum that I will take with me beyond my time at Cabrini. Our school also has some of the most interesting and unique programs. When I was applying to colleges, Cabrini’s Gender and Body Studies program impressed me, and they were one of the first institutions in the country to offer an undergraduate minor in the field. Not only is my minor (Gender and Body Studies) one-of-a-kind, but my major is too! Our Writing and Narrative Arts Department allows us to take various courses that develop writing skills and creativity while relating them to other topics like film, theatre, and gender politics. Some of the most impactful courses that I have taken in the Writing Department are The Aesthetics of Film and The Creative Eye: Write with Style. I am taking Drama and Creative Nonfiction this semester, which are both amazing classes.

2. Friends for Life!

Cabrini’s small, close-knit community is one of my favorite things about our school. When I came to Cabrini’s Open House, I instantly felt welcomed and could recognize that everyone knew each other, making it feel like a big family. Going into my freshman year of college, I was nervous about making new friends, especially because I did not know anyone else going to Cabrini. I was so grateful for my Honors Program Learning Community, which gave me the opportunity to really get to know people in my classes and develop close friendships. Besides meeting new people in the Honors Program, I also had many other opportunities to connect with people through clubs and activities. Because our classes are smaller, it is very easy to get to know the other students and form bonds within our Cabrini family.

Cabrini professor

3. The Best Professors

I feel so lucky that in my three years here at Cabrini, I have had the chance to take many different classes, each of them with fantastic professors. Because of our average class size of 15 students, the professors really get to know you. I’ve had the opportunity to form beneficial relationships with my professors in the Writing department, and I am able to talk to them when I have questions or concerns. In my experience, each professor truly wants to help you succeed in every way they can. Since our classes are smaller, the teachers are invested in your progress, and they always make time to meet with you outside of school for questions or help. Long after finishing my classes with them, I wave to my professors that I see walking around campus, again a testament to how close the Cabrini community is.

4. Career Opportunities

Our Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) is here to help you prepare for a career after graduating from Cabrini. They provide resources and workshops to develop professional skills, such as resume building, interview tips, and more. Most majors take a class through the CCPD office; for example, I took Sophomore Professional Development Seminar with other Writing majors, which helped me understand what careers were available to me as well as develop crucial skills for the workplace and job searching. I’m preparing to complete an internship at Cabrini, and the CCPD will work with you to get academic credit. The representatives in the office are so friendly and want to help you succeed and be ready for the workforce once you leave Cabrini.

career fair on campus

5. The chance to become a Student Ambassador

Cabrini provided me with the wonderful opportunity to be a Student Ambassador in our University's Admissions office, which is the best job and work experience that I could have asked for! I have gotten to know so many amazing people in the Admissions office, and I have also discovered something that I have a great interest in, talking to prospective students and families! I am so lucky that I found an incredible job on campus, and I look forward to my shift in the office each week. I am grateful for this opportunity, which has helped me gain experience working in an Admissions setting while meeting fantastic people along the way.

Ambassadors welcomes prospective students
Add them all together, = The best college experience I could ask for! Thank you, Cabrini!