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What it's like to be a student-athlete at Cabrini

Posted on 7/19/2021 10:40:51 PM by Anna Schmader

I had the opportunity to speak with two of my peers about what it is like being a student-athlete at Cabrini! 

Troy Scott - Men's Soccer Team

Troy Scott, a junior defense soccer player at Cabrini, has reflected his experience as amazing and humbling. Getting to play for a high-level team while working towards his degree in digital communications and social media has been something he is forever grateful for. Over his first two years as a student-athlete, he figured out the importance of prioritization and setting aside time to complete his school work. Scott has learned his health and lifestyle should reflect his athletic ability by choosing healthier food options like yogurt, salad, wraps, and chicken. These eating habits do fluctuate due to his practice schedule sometimes ending later at night, making dinner options limited. When it comes to practices, “it’s like playing a game with the intensity that you play with; the mindset is head down and goes to work,” Scott said. 


Lily Bonner - Field Hockey

Lily Bonner is a senior midfield/defense field hockey player. She describes the general experience as an abundance of hard work and commitment. Overall, the experience has been amazing, and she is forever grateful for the relationships and opportunity to play for a great program. As with most responsibilities, time management is a huge key concept when it comes to being a student-athlete. “When it comes to homework and classes, I’m more on top of my work because you need good grades to play,” Bonner said. She’s studying biology then plans to attend graduate school to become a physician assistant. As for eating habits, she describes hers as better when she’s in a season since she needs her body to be in the best shape to perform. With more fruits, veggies, and carbs to get energy for the game, she provides herself with the proper fuel.