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Easter Under Quarantine!

Posted on 4/9/2020 7:41:58 PM by Brenna Walters

Since we have been quarantined during the Easter season, I have put together a list of some fun things we did that can be done all throughout spring!

1. Dye Easter eggs!


-shaving cream

-food coloring

-nail polishes



Ingredients needed for dying eggs with shaving cream and nail polish

    Using shaving cream:

   1) Hardboil your eggs

   2) spray shaving cream into container, it can be smaller than what I used (another good idea was to use a cupcake pan).

   3) smooth out shaving cream

   4) squeeze a few drops of food coloring around

   5) use a toothpick to swirl food coloring around. You can separate the colors into sections, or mix the colors together like we did! 

Using shaving cream and food dye to color eggs

   6) put on latex gloves to keep your hands from turnings all kinds of colors!

   7) place your dry eggs into the shaving cream and spin it around, then place on a paper towel or plate to dry for 20 minutes.

After rolling eggs in shaving cream, wait 20 minutes for them to dry

   8) Gently wipe off the shaving cream and pat the egg dry!


    Using nail polish:

   1) Fill container(s) partially with water. (can use a cup, bowl, etc)

   2) Pour some nail polish in, as many colors as wanted, and swirl around with a toothpick

   3) Place egg in nail polish mixture and spin it around, then place it on a paper towel or plate to dry


Dying eggs using nail polish in water

 Eggs are all done!!


2. Bake cupcakes!

Peter Rabbit Cupcake Decorations


We bought Baker's Corner Devil's Food Cake mixture (we made them the short way). The ingredients and directions for the mix are in the picture below.


Devil's food cake baking directions


Then, we bought frosting and sprinkles to decorate the cupcakes once they cooled.

Ingredients to bake and decorate your cupcakes/cake

I used green, blue, and red food coloring to color the icing! Then, if you want to be fancy, I used piping bags (you can also use ziplock bags) and you cut some of the bottom off and place the piping tip through the bag until in fits through the hole you cut. Then, you spoon the frosting into the bag/ziplock, squeeze it toward the tip like you would with toothpaste. Finally,  pipe the frosting onto the cupcake slowly and decorate with sprinkles and/or jimmies if desired!


 I dyed the white icing using one drop of red, blue, and green food coloring in each bowl and then piped the icing onto the cupcakes!

 All done!!

Cupcakes frosted and decorated!

 My frosted and decorated cupcakes!

My frosted and decorated cupcakes!

3. Send cards and/or flowers to family, friends, or a significant other that you couldn't see this Easter!

Send Easter cards to family members

Send flowers to family and friends to brighten their day!

4. Do a devotional to remember why we celebrate Easter!