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The Life of a Marketing Major

Posted on 3/6/2020 10:34:45 AM by Brenna Walters

As a Marketing Major, I fall under the Business Department, so I am required to take some business classes. Some of these courses are difficult, such as Accounting and Finance; however, my marketing classes have been interesting and fun! I have had Professor Womack for most of my marketing classes, and she really looks out for me! She knows I’m looking for an internship for this upcoming semester, and she is always telling me about alumni for me to contact for opportunities.

I love being a Marketing Major because I want a business career that will make decent money, but one where I can express my creativity as well. Marketing is also compelling because it gets into the psychology of why people buy certain products, services, and brands. I am also looking to have an Advertising concentration along with my major, which will allow me to be even more creative with my work.

When I took Principles of Marketing, it was the first time they had students use marketing simulations, and I had a lot of fun doing them since I learn better when I am "hands-on." We got to experience where to place products in a store, how to staff sales positions, and how to advertise, etc. In addition, I took Sports Marketing last semester, and I really enjoyed it! The class was good because I’m used to learning about general marketing, whereas this was more specific.

My marketing classes this semester are International Marketing and Advertising. Both of these classes are a lot of fun. In Advertising, we get to come up with headlines for different ads every class, and it is always entertaining to see what people say. A lot of our ads are about diamond rings and earrings from DeBeers “Diamonds that Last Forever.” Some people say more romantic things, while others say how the diamond will last longer than their relationship or their life!

We also get to take a current product that is struggling to be with the best of its type, like Froot Loops. Then we create new and better advertisements based on the weaknesses of the product. In my International Marketing class, we are currently working on a research project for the country of our choice. I enjoy this class because we get to learn how to conduct business in other countries and cultures and how some things we do naturally are offensive elsewhere.

Sales and Salesmanship is an online class I took, which was an interesting and easier class to take. We did have a decent amount of work, but it was manageable. Other business classes I am taking this semester are Accounting 211 and Principles of Management. Professor Scott is a new professor, and he teaches my management class and is good at applying the material to real-life scenarios and makes it easy for us to understand. We are doing a project now about the management of a company of our choice!

Most of these classes I have had to write papers for, but it is not anything unbearable. I have also been able to participate in a networking night hosted by the school of Business, Arts, and Media, in which I talked to several employers about possible internship opportunities. So, I feel that both the Business Department overall, as well as the Marketing Department, really look out for their students to prepare them for success in internships, their careers, and their futures