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Two Sisters of Different Majors

Posted on 12/12/2020 11:30:17 PM by Maria Lattanze

My sister, Sarah, and I both attended and graduated from the same high school, Upper Merion Area High School. 

Sarah Lattanze holding Maria Lattanze after Sarah's graduation

I graduated in 2018.  She graduated in 2020.

I took core courses and easy electives.  She took core courses and AP science courses.

I was mainly in the English hallway.  She was mainly in the science hallway.

I struggled in science and math courses.  She excelled in all areas.

I applied to smaller colleges and universities.  She applied to large, well-known colleges and universities.

I am studying at Cabrini University with a major in digital media and social media and a minor in writing.  Sarah is studying at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and is studying to become a Physicians Assistant. She plans to get an undergraduates degree in 3-4 years and then return for your graduate.

Two sisters with two opposing tastes in a career.

* * * * * * 

Now my sister and I grew up hand-in-hand.  We had the same interests, played the same sports, and did everything together.  However, as we grew older, we started going our own paths.  We still do things together, but not as much because we are at two different colleges for two different reasons.

Maria Lattanze (Right) and Sarah Lattanze (left) spend the day at the beach

As you can imagine, our workloads are also very different.

Sarah completes written tests and lab reports, and I complete group assignments and video projects.  She spends her weekends studying while I spend my weekends finding video and photo visuals.

As we journeyed through our first semester of college, we video called and talked about our classes and workload.  Sarah would tell me how big her workload was, and I believed her because I saw her classes and work through high school. However, I was not expecting what I saw the other day.

Sarah and I are both home for the rest of the fall semester and winter break, so I physically get to see how she studies and prepares for her exams.  I can not believe the amount of work she has to complete.

Sarah Lattanze completing homework while petting her dog, Beni

She has notebooks and textbooks spread across her desk while she is typing away on her computer. I work only on a computer and have an external hard drive and notebook.

My sister hand-writes her notes to remember the information.  I type my notes and then apply them when I take videos or pictures to remember the correct function.

It is currently finals week for both Sarah and me.  We have been working all week on papers, studying for tests, and putting together final projects.  There are times when we work together, meaning we are in the same room, and other times we stay away from each other because we both know how stressed and overworked each of us is.  Need an example?  I didn’t see my sister for almost two days straight.  She has been in her room studying for her final exams.  I am not mad or upset, I get it, and I respect it.  There are times when I would quickly pop my head in and give her treats for her hard work.

* * * * * *

There are times when I can’t imagine what my sister is going through, and I wish I could help her, but I would probably fail her assignments.  The best I can do is be there for her and give her treats.

 I am so incredibly proud of my sister.  Sarah is amazing, and I know she will do amazing things when she graduates and finds a job.  She already has a plan for her future, whereas I do not even know what I want for a career.  But I know I want to do something on a small scale with filmmaking and social media work.

Keep up the great work, Sarah!  It does not go unnoticed!

Maria Lattanze and Sarah Lattanze doing typical sister things