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What it’s like to change your major and be an early grad

Posted on 4/23/2021 10:15:30 AM by Anna Schmader

Cabrini is commended for its communication program. There are many students who major in communication or digital communication and social media at Cabrini. My original focus was marketing, but I realized Cabrini’s marketing program is more business-oriented, so I switched my major halfway through my first semester of sophomore year. 

My goal was to always graduate on time, if not early. Every summer, I would take one or two courses, and in winter 2021, I enrolled in two courses. Essentially I pushed myself to stock up on credits when I could have taken a break. I’m happier I took the initiative to push my work ethic, drive, and passion for reaching goals. Cabrini and college life, in general, have taught me about time management, networking, and focusing. 

Every college student struggles to find a balance between social and academic life. It’s not an easy middle ground to find. There’s always a different step in the learning process that some students are blindsided by. Although, don’t let that intimidate you; let it motivate you. 

As I pushed myself to take credits over the summer and winter, I can effectively look back on my academic career and be proud. I’m projected to graduate a full semester early! That is one of the greatest achievements I can hold myself accountable for. Learning to take the credits when no one was watching motivated me to inspire others to do the same thing.

Start with taking a normal 8-week summer course. If that goes by with smooth sailing, then do another. If you want a real challenge, then try a 29-day winter course. That sounds crazy, and most people tell me that’s impossible, but it isn't! I think it’s amazing, and it’s taken me to a great position as I look back on my educational career at Cabrini.