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Curing Your Boredom

Posted on 5/18/2020 3:28:49 PM by Brenna Walters

Now that the spring semester is over, I have been looking for things to do cooler or rainy days. I started going through my desk for "Spring Cleaning". I found a lot of things I had put in the drawer and the cabinet part of my desk that I put there during a prior attempt to keep my room clean.

So... here are some ideas to keep yourself busy while you can't find a new show on Netflix to binge!

Desk Organizer

Among cleaning out the whole cabinet on my desk, I found his old organizer I had made! After ripping off the zebra print duct tape from middle school, I decided to make it more age-appropriate. The organizer I made was from an old shoebox and toilet paper rolls. I painted the toilet paper rolls, inside and outside, as well as the inside of the shoebox white to make it brighter.  

Side View of My Desk Organizer

Then, I measured the height (I added about an inch and a quarter to overlap the inside and to overlap the bottom edge as well) and width of the box and cut out pieces to cover the sides. Next, I used Modpodge on the outside of the shoebox. Modpodge acts as the glue, but without the worry of bumps or seeing white glue since it dries clear. Then, I placed the scrapbook paper onto the side with the Modpodge and smoothed it out. Once it dried in place after about 5 minutes, I Modpodged a little bit of the inside top before folding the excess over the top and I did the same for the bottom. Repeat this on all four sides!

I used a Shoebox & toilet paper rolls to create my own desk organizer

Then, I organized the toilet paper rolls in a zigzag type pattern. After arranging the rolls, I marked where they touched another roll or the shoebox, which reminded me of where to put the hot glue. Next, I hot glued all of the rolls together and to the walls of the shoebox. Lastly, once everything is dry, you add all of your pens, pencils, etc. I left an area in the middle for notepads, calculators, etc but you can put rolls on only one side, both sides, or throughout the whole thing, depending on how much you need.

Desk Drawer Organizing

I once before had attempted to organize my desk drawer and it failed, again from putting things in as a fast solution. However, I cleaned it all out and re-organized everything. For organizing my desk, I had some jewelry in boxes that I took out and saved the boxes for when I need them for future gifts, and also for this. I used the jewelry boxes to organize my highlighters, sharpies, pens, and everything that I didn't want to clutter the above desk organizer.

I used jewelry boxes to organize my pens, pencils, sharpies, etc!

Adult Coloring Books

I always love coloring! It sounds cliche, but it really helps me to decompress, focus, and destress as well as challenging me creatively. I have found this to be a fun use of time on a rainy day or even while sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather! I also have thought that these could be used as future dorm room decoration if framed and having a word in black or white font written in front of the print, such as "inspire" or "create", etc.

These are actually a lot of fun and challenge my imagination, which relaxes me when I'm stressed

DIY 3-Ingredient Sugar Scrub

To make your own sugar scrub, you combine 1 cup of coconut oil, 2 cups of sugar, and 15-20 drops of your choices of essential oil (I used lavender for one and mint for another). Mix them together and place them in a cute mason jar or any other container of your choice! This is a great option for gifts or to keep for your own self-care!

Lavendar and Peppermint Sugar Scrub made with only a few ingredients, fast and easy!! 

Have fun doing these simple but rewarding activities on a rainy day! (And maybe even take part in your own spa day after making your own sugar scrub)