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My Favorite Items at CRUSH

Posted on 2/7/2020 11:14:00 AM by Marisa Linsky

Every Cabrini student knows what its like to be pressed for time between classes, realize how hungry you are, and know you don't have enough time to eat a meal in the caf. My freshman year consisted of me carrying around enough granola bars to feed a small army, as I was always hungry after morning lift, swim practice, class... and basically every hour of the day. If your schedule is anything like mine, you probably go into class right before dining hours in the caf begin, and end class minutes before it closes.

Like many students, I was super excited to find out over the summer that Cabrini was introducing another dining option, CRU5H Grill. Cabrini announced that CRUSH would serve 5 meal options: Breakfast all Day, Appz, From the Grill, Mexcellente, and 'Zerts (dessert). This school year, CRUSH has been a favorite place of mine to hang out between classes and grab a bite to eat before my next practice. Here are some of my favorite items to get at CRUSH for all 3 meals of the day.


Breakfast: Venti Passion Iced Tea and Plain Bagel w/ Butter from The Cabrini Bean

One of the most popular spots at CRUSH is The Cabrini Bean, which serves Starbucks style beverages and pastries. While I enjoyed the new Cabrini Bean, I was disappointed at the beginning of the school year to learn that they were no longer serving toasted bagels as they had my freshman year as Jazzman's. However, the Cabrini dining deities certainly read our survey suggestions and answered our prayers. My roommates and I truly celebrated when they announced they were bringing back toasted bagels to CRU5H. This is my go-to breakfast every morning to give me energy for the rest of my day. And no matter how early in the morning, Miss Marion never fails to put a smile on my face!

Total cost: $5.75

Everyone's favorite barista, Miss Marion.


Lunch: Mozz Sticks

Again, my roommates and I almost cried when they brought back our favorite item from Late Night last year. Made to order and always hot: the mozzarella sticks at CRU5H are my go-to lunch and late-night snack.

Total cost: $5.99


Dinner: Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla

While many of the Mexcellente options at CRUSH cost more than $6.00, it is definitely worth the meal swipe if you are looking for a filling, tasty dish. Some of the Mexcellente options include burritos, loaded nachos, street tacos, burrito bowls, and my personal favorite: the quesadilla. The Mexcellente options allow you to add a number of toppings including cheese, salsa, rice, beans, and guac.

Total cost: $6.29 before toppings