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My Experiences with ECG Courses

Posted on 4/17/2020 9:44:13 PM by Anousha Qureshi

Some of my favorite classes at Cabrini have been ECG courses. Engagements with the Common Good (ECG) courses are required and an integral component of the University’s core curriculum. These courses are writing-intensive, help to strengthen critical and analytical thinking, while also introducing students to the University’s social justice and service mission. 

There are three course levels, a 100, 200, and 300 level. ECG 100 focuses on an individual’s identity as it relates to society and other communities. For example, you will discover your role not only in your immediate communities but beyond that (class, gender, race, nation, etc). ECG 200 focuses on service. In alignment with Cabrini’s history and personal mission, you will take part in service opportunities, and learn more about the injustices that plague our world. ECG 300 is geared towards advocacy. You will be required to engage in some sort of advocacy and realize your true potential as an informed and active citizen of the world. 

ECG courses are so valuable. Not only will they strengthen your writing and critical thinking skills, but you will learn more about what you can do to foster positive change in the world. I am currently taking ECG 300: Immigration, Law, Social Justice (which has been my favorite class so far), and as I reflect on all ECG courses that I have taken, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences in each class. 

ECG 100: Reacting to the Past 
I took this course during my first semester at Cabrini and it was one of the most amazing academic experiences for me. This class is structured differently than other ECG (and Cabrini) courses. It’s focused on role-playing in a historical context. I played two different reacting games during my semester. Each game I played a non-fictional character from two major historical events: The Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Mexican Revolution. The class structure was primarily focused on discussion and debate, and was mostly student-run. There were opposing sides and we had to debate, prepare and present speeches, and vote on various topics each day of class. In the Mexican Revolution, we also had assassinations and other political crimes. The only regret I have is that I did not participate enough. I have always been a reserved and quiet student, so the class structure was new and unfamiliar and I only spoke a few times. My advice, be active in this class! It will only improve your public speaking skills, which are necessary for all majors.

ECG 200: Democracy and Diversity
This class was also based on discussion and participation, but the professor had a more active role. The conversations were extremely valuable and even at times, controversial (but necessary). We had philosophical discussions on political ideas and theories, democracy, the importance of diversity, and civic engagement and responsibilities. We also took part in service opportunities. We spoke and attended meetings in Mount Pleasant, a nearby community. At the end of the semester, we celebrated by having dinner with our professor and the woman who helped organize the community meetings for us. For one of my assignments, I researched human trafficking and was shocked to learn about its prevalence in the United States. This course greatly impacted my own beliefs and values. 

ECG 300: Immigration, Law, Social Justice.
This has been my favorite class so far. I truly believe that this is one of the most important courses Cabrini has to offer for any student. This course is focused on the U.S. immigration system and its impact on people in the United States or coming to the United States. I thought the class would be too political and controversial, but I was wrong. It is completely unbiased and non-political and is an honest review of the current immigration system and policies. This was truly one of the most eye-opening classes for me. Unlike the previous ECG courses (or any other), I actively participated in class discussions. With the shift to online instruction, we meet through Blackboard Collaboration virtually and continue with our discussions. For this class, we were required to do advocacy in Washington D.C. for fair immigration policies, however, now we are using social media for advocacy.