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Different Look for Cabrini Basketball

Posted on 3/5/2021 9:46:27 PM by Malik Bailey

The Cabrini men's basketball team took a nosedive this season in the number of players on the roaster. Making it most likely one of the youngest men’s basketball teams in Cabrini history, having only four juniors, three sophomores, and two first-year students. Normally, we are used to having a roaster of 17 to 20 players. Therefore having only nine this year makes practices look oddly different.

Questions arise as to if we will be able to perform well with only nine players and do we have what it takes to compete with the two teams we have scheduled for us this year. However, the real question that should be asked is if those teams are ready to compete with us and match the energy and dedication to win that we will bring to them. Having such a short roaster does not frighten us. It drives us to work even harder in practice to push each other beyond our limits so we can perform at such high levels. 

We may only have nine players on the court, but we still have 19 people dedicated to this team. The other 10 players are not playing this season due to COVID-related reasons and they would rather rejoin the team next season, but they still encourage us nine guys every day to keep working hard, especially the seniors. They shed their knowledge on the game to us and talk with us about things we can work on to improve on our individual skills that can help the team succeed.  

My team has always had to fight through adversity, but we never give up, we always keep pushing forward, and whatever is sent our way to hold us back, we let it make us stronger. I love these guys because we make each other better, not just in basketball but better men in life. When we come across an issue or battle, we face it head-on as a team, and whether the result is a victory or a defeat, we go through it together.

Speaking of battles, we face off against Gwynedd Mercy on March 10 at 7pm. Make sure you tune in and cheer through those screens!!